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Some users put alot of time and effort into customizing their work environment so that they will get a more efficient workflow.
Others do nothing, they are quite happy with things as they are (default setup that is).
Sometimes when working in teams you just need to create one basic setup of toolbars, icons, colors, windows etc and then distribute them to your co-workers.
Or maybe you just want to save your settings in a safe place, just in case of…
Well, no matter what your plan might be, here´s how you do it!

First navigate here using Windows explorer:
C:\Docs and Settings\UserAccount\Application Data\Roaming\Missler Software\TopSolid\7.2\TopSolid\Kernel\SX\
There youwill find: Config.ConfigData.xml which contain all the settings except the window positions. Copy that file and put it in a safe place or distribute it to your co-workers.

Then navigate to this folder: C:\Docs and Settings\UserAccount\Application Data\Roaming\Missler Software\TopSolid\7.2\TopSolid\Kernel\UI 
There you will find ApplicationWindow.xml which contains the window positions. Copy this file to you safe place or distribute it and your done!

So what is a safe place to store it you might think? Well since you are reading this post your are most probably using TopSolid 7 with a powerful built in PDM server. What can be safer than that?
If you did not know it, TopSolid 7 PDM can handle loads of files, not just your CAD models.

First you can either create a new project or library called “settings” or something else. I just created a folder in my default project. What you need to do next is “Import file without conversion” (see screenshot)




Import your files, “Check in” and now your settings are safe!  




Letting TopSolid 7 handle other files than just your CAD models can be quite useful sometimes. When in a project you might want to save configurations from a customer, photos taken on site or whatever. Now everyone involved can easily find these documents!