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Maybe your work is safe and sound on your company server and backups are beeing done regularly. Or maybe it´s stored locally and you have been talking about that backup your gonna set up for years.
Of course this applies to any important files of your´s, may it be your work files  such as cad or valuable family photos.

Whatever your reason might be, here is one way (of many) to keep your files safe online.

Now, there are numerous online backup sevices out there and one is better than the other. It´s not easy to find a service that might fit your specific needs.  
Anyway, this time were using Live Mesh .

One thing that´s pretty neat with Mesh is that it´s part of live_mesh
Microsoft Live and if you are using MSN your probably already set up with a Live account. If not you need to register for one first.

So first of all you need to log in to Live Mesh using your Live account.

Go to Live Mesh Devices and click “ad device” and install on the computer. When the installation of mesh is done you will be asked to login to you live account on the mesh client.

When signed in, you will be asked to name your computer.

 live mesh 2

Open up windows explorer and navigate to C:\TopSolidPdm\Local\Vaults. (or any other folder containing whatever you want to backup)

Now right-click the vault (folder) you want to backup with Live Mesh and choose “add folder to Live Mesh”. Then just leave the name as it is.


live mesh 3
Then go to your Mesh Live desktop  and right-click your Vault folder.  Choose when to synchronize and with what device.

It´s possible to ad more computers and sync the folder(s) to other computers as well.