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Every second year the Wood Products & Technology fair is held in Göteborg, Sweden and last week they opened their doors once again.

“Wood Products & Technology in Göteborg is Scandinavia’s most complete wood industry fair, featuring a full range of products and services for all sectors of the wood industry. That’s what makes Wood Products & Technology such a great contact-creating venue and such a potent business forum.”

Showcasing Topsolid’Wood and WoodCAM was Protech, swedish TopSolid VAR. This year they also got to show the all new TopSolid’Planner.

I got the opportunity to ask Anders Brask from Protech a few questions and here´s what we talked about.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what your relation is to TopSolid?

My name is Anders Brask and I am the CAD/CAM sales manager for Protech and partner in the company.  Protech started to work with TopSolid in 1997 and have support on all the TopSolid modules.

This is the third time around for ProTech to showcase TopSolid’Wood/CAM at the Wood Products & Technology Fair in Gothenburg, Sweden. Do you feel there has been an increased interest in these kind of products?

Yes, The wood industry is today moving from 2D to 3D solutions. TopSolid’Wood and TopSolid’WoodCAM are products that fit perfectly in that move.

What is it that makes TopSolid’Wood so special compared to it´s competitors?

TopSolid’Wood and WoodCAM is the only integrated 3D CAD/CAM solution for the wood industry that is open for all users in the industry.
There are no limitations to what products you can design and manufacture in the system.

TopSolid also offers products for several other industries, can TopSolid’Wood take advantage of the technology used in these products?

Yes it can, wood industry today is not just wood. It is sheet metal and welded structures to. Modern Interior and furniture design is a combination of all materials.
Designing in TopSolid’Wood gives you the possibility to create design and drive manufacturing in all sorts of material.

How do you feel about the theme for 2010 “Carpentry, furniture and interior design” in a TopSolid’Wood point of view?

The 2010 release of TopSolid’Wood is the biggest and most complete release we have ever seen from Missler Software. The number of new features is impressive.

The last three years that you have been representing Protech at this fair have been quite a success, what do you hope will come out of this years event?

We have high hopes that we will se a number of new customers for TopSolid´Wood. With the new product TopSolid´Planner we also se a possibility to target the larger Kitchen and bathroom manufacturers.

Thanks to Protech and Anders Brask for the interview and for providing pictures.