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The international TopSolid’Forum was first launched back in 2007 and as of today there are roughly about 400 members (French forum has 700 registered users).

Unlike the French forum the international forum is not very active. It´s a shame because a forum like this can really be a great resource and a place for users to interact and share their knowledge.

Being around for a few years it´s time for an update. So just in time for christmas, Santa (or Missler Software if you like) will bring an updated TopSolid’Forum for both French and international users.
PhpBB will be updated to 3.0 and my guess is that it will also get a graphical overhaul to fit in with the rest of the TopSolid websites. Also support for Tapatalk will most likely be added for those who want to keep up with their favourite forum on their smartphone.