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Ok, so it´s now 2012 and another year has passed. During 2011 there was some 40000 pageviews and 16500 visits by 10000 unique visitors and the videos at the TopSolidBlog YouTube channel has now been viewed more than 22000 times!
As of december last year 7.6 RC was released and this is the version that will be used on next weeks TopSolid 2012 Seminar in Cannes, France.
The Polish TopSolid reseller TopSolution have been working hard translating TopSolid 7 to Polish and with the release of TopSolid 7.5 SP12 (released last december) all Polish users can now enjoy TopSolid 7 in their native language.
Big things coming coming this year, especially with the release of TopSolid 7.6. Also there is a rumour going around that Missler will be announcing something special next week.
Speaking of next week, it´s time for the annual TopSolid seminar for TopSolid VAR’s coming from all around the globe.
Myself and Bill Genc from ClearCut Solutions will try to post some news and updates on Twitter. To join the fun and stay updated add Daniel Norée and Bill Genc! Everyone is more than welcome to join the conversation.