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Ok, i have to come clean here, there is no such list. Why? Well because there are to many feature requests to choose from! But make no misstake, these 5 are among the most asked for features!

Last spring i was in Toulouse where i was shown how Missler Software handles these feature requests and i got to tell you, that list of feature requests…. is pretty long!

Anyhow, here´s the list of 5 of the most requested features in TopSolid 7.6:

Excel Link
Excel Link is a feature, allowing users to drive a fully parametric model via an Excel Sheet
Check out this video to learn more: http://youtu.be/3tPxIkcKTno

Rebuild Lines and Arcs and “Contour Wizard”
The new sketch operation 2D Sketch > Operations > Lines Arcs Conversion… allows to convert a spline curve in arcs and segments (with tangency continuity).
The new 2D Sketch > Contour Wizard… operation allows to quickly create a contour from a sketch coming from an import. In case of ambiguity (segment joined with several other segments), different solutions will be suggested in the form of graphics handles.
Also, imported sketches can now be directly edited thanks to the contextual command Make Editable

2D Components
In the same way of the 3d components it is possible to insert 2D Model documents (symbols) in a sketch (title block, view detailing, 2d sketch).
The origin point of the 2D Model document is used as inserted point as default. But it is possible to use others points if these ones had been published.
This new feature allows to create any sort of schema.
2D Components is required to fully detail a 2D Drawing (Include Origin Symbols, Stamps, specific annotations, …)

Custom Revisions
It is now possible to define the text of major and minor revisions to a project element or all elements of a project using the new commands Revision texts… and Default Revision Texts… available from the contextual menu Others on an element or on a project.
Check out this video on Custom Revisions: http://youtu.be/8Zxn5BbIfOU

Exception in Views (2D Drafting)
When an assembly document is drafted, contextual menu on a view provides a new command names Exception allowing you to manage display mode of parts. For each part you can change visibility, line type of visible part, hidden part etc… and set sectionable or not. All these information can be defined in an Exception Style saved in the Styles > Exceptions Style folder of the entities tree.

And yes, these features will all be available in TopSolid 7.6

Source: Missler Software