The question is often asked…”who is TopSolid?”  We do our best to answer.  Sometimes we hear “What is TopSolid?“.  Again we answer.  This leads to “Where did TopSolid come from?“. And of course the big question, “Why choose TopSolid?“.  Let’s have a look at each of these questions. But before we do, please enjoy our new corporate video!  I think it does a great job of answering these questions.

Who is TopSolid?

TopSolid is you. TopSolid is me. TopSolid is everyone from the staff in our front office, to the developers in the back office. TopSolid is our partners around the globe.  TopSolid is the technicians that help everyone use TopSolid.  Who is TopSolid?  TopSolid is everyone!

What is TopSolid?

TopSolid is inspiration. Inspiration that leads to better engineering; better manufacturing.  TopSolid is information management combined with cutting-edge software development to bring the entire process of manufacturing under one platform.  TopSolid is simplicity merged with ingenuity wrapped around data with the simple target of empowering you to get your job done efficiently…and perhaps with a little bit of fun along the way!

Where did TopSolid come from?

TopSolid came from…no.  TopSolid comes from people like you.  Industry experts with a passion for manufacturing…a passion for process…a passion for creation.  TopSolid comes from over 30 years of research and Development. TopSolid comes from listening to our customers across the globe. So again, TopSolid comes from you!

Why Choose TopSolid?

TopSolid is the best choice for any company that designs and/or manufactures…well pretty much anything.  TopSolid offers the only PDM based manufacturing solution on the market. Moreover all of our vertical solutions are written by our development team.  This means that they are written to work well together from the beginning.  Click here to learn more about our industry leading manufacturing solutions.

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