Getting Started: Creating a drafting document and dimensioning

LogoTopSolidTopSolid drafting sampleIn this getting started video tutorial, you will be introduced to some basic concepts around the creation of 2d drafting files.  First let’s discuss what a drafting document is.  A TopSolid drafting document is a document where we project the 3d data created in TopSolid into a 2d format.  It is in a drafting document where you will add your dimensions, GD & T and other detailing types of elements.

This tutorial contains 4 videos that will walk you through some basic concepts on the creation of 2d drafting documents..

In this first video, you will learn how to create a basic drafting document that contains 3 standard views of your part.  You will also learn how to set and customize the origin point of the view.

Step 1 – Create your views

In the next video, you will learn how to add an Origin Symbol to your drafting views. You will also be shown a few different ways of adding and working with Composite dimensions. Composite dimensions allow you to quickly add several styles of dimensions to your view from a common origin point.  This is heavily used in the Tool and Die industries.

Step 2 – Add origin symbol and use composite dimensions

In step 3 of this tutorial, you will be introduced to styles within TopSolid 7.  A style is used in a drafting document to control the format of almost everything. For example, in this tutorial you will learn how to create a new style for composite dimensions. You will also learn how to create a style for standard dimensions. Finally  you will learn how to use and manipulate your dimensions with these new styles.

Step 3 – Create and use dimension styles

In this final step of the tutorial, you will be shown how to take the items you have learned about and turn them into a template for future use.  The template will include 3 standard views, the origin symbol, and even the automatic ordinate dimensioning.

Step 4 – Create 3 view template with automatic dimensioning

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