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Robust search functionality is extremely valuable within the complex world of engineering design. In addition to the search functionality TopSolid has always had, TopSolid 7 includes three new powerful search functionalities.

First, the new quick search feature includes a part preview panel to help you to quickly find what you are looking for.

TopSolid 7 PDM enhances search functionality








Secondly, TopSolid 7 now allows you to create and save searches to meet your precise needs. You can make your searches as specific as you need them to be. In fact, anything searchable in TopSolid 7 can become a saved search. Once you find what you are looking for, you can drag and drop it into a document or assembly. Any part, function, tool path strategy or other searchable attribute can become a saved search for quick reference allowing you to quickly and easily add past work to your current effort. In short, TopSolid’s saved search functionality allows you to create “libraries” that facilitate seamless reuse of past work.

New TopSolid 7 Search Functionality Enhances PDM

New PDM Feature Demo -Search Functionality

Finally, TopSolid 7’s new searches manager allows an organization to create a list of company-wide standard searches. Again, any project data point from specific parts, a part from a specific manufacturer, functionality, tooling behavior, etc. can be become a saved search and utilized by your entire team or organization.

The ability to access and utilize robust engineering design data is just as important as the ability to create it. TopSolid 7 takes major leaps forward in improving data access and reusability.

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