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TopSolid has always done an excellent job when it comes to assigning assembly constraints to a bottom-up assembly. However, we have further upgraded these

Automatic Assembly Constraints

Automatic Assembly Constraints

capabilities in TopSolid 7 – Captain America and Thor help show just how powerful these new constraints are.

Six new constraints types have been added to the automatic constraint mode. Now, when using automatic constraint mode, you can apply the following new constraints:

  • Frame-on-frame
  • Point-on-point
  • Point-on-plane
  • Plane-on-point
  • Axis-on-point
  • Point-on-axis

Of course, you still have the original functionality which includes axis-on-axis, axis-on-plane, plane-on-axis, plane-on-plane, surface-on-surface, and alignment.

What the demo video to learn more about these new constraint types.

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