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In the fourth video of this 25-video series on programming a Multus U3000 with TopSolid, we continue roughing our part. Specifically, within this video you will learn how to manage groove roughing.

The Efficiency of Reusability. The Ease of Adjustments.

As is the case with nearly every function performed with TopSolid, you will notice the combination of utilizing information we have already taught the system, and being able to easily make customized tweaks for this step in the programming process. For instance, in the video you will notice that TopSolid “assumes” that we want to use the same tool and cutting angle that we were previously using.Step 4 - Programming a Multus U3000 – Groove Roughing with TopSolid

However, we in fact need a different tool and cutting method to rough our groove, but that is easy enough to change. I simply access a groove roughing method I have already taught the system and select the appropriate tool. Again, showing off the efficiency built into the very fabric of TopSolid, we drag and drop our feeds and speeds settings and avoid having to re-input data and settings the system already knows.

TopSolid, as always, updates the stock model based on our programming changes.

The Power of “Close Call” Collision DetectionTopSolid Collision Detection

Finally, and extremely importantly, TopSolid simulations checks for collisions, including potential fixture collisions. In this case, we are extremely close to colliding with the chuck, but do not in fact collide. TopSolid allows you to have 100% confidence in your end result, even in close calls.

Groove Roughing – Reviewing What You’ve Learned

This groove roughing video particularly highlights the efficiencies TopSolid creates by reusing the information you have already taught the system, while still being able to easily make needed adjustments. Additionally, this video highlights the power of TopSolid’s simulation capabilities to detect collisions, including fixture collisions, even when it’s a very close call.

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Looking forward…and backward

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