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Now that we have most of our turning done, in the eighth video of this 25-video series on programming a Multus U3000 with TopSolid, we want to start doing some milling. We will start by milling an open pocket. As you will see, when I select the face I want to mill, TopSolid suspects that it is an open pocket and proposes it as such.Programming a Multus U3000 - Milling an Open Pocket

The area we are working on is, in fact, an open pocket, so I move forward by selecting an appropriate tool. In this demonstration, I want to remind you just how easy it is to work with tooling in TopSolid. I can either choose the style tool I want and build from there, or select a tooling template. Either selection makes it easy to program the needed tooling information.

Because TopSolid is a highly intelligent solution, as soon as we make our tooling characteristic settings, TopSolid proposes a toolpath. After some quick feeds, speeds and cutting settings, we are all set.

As always, after these settings made, TopSolid automatically updates the stock model. Simulation allows us to check this operation for collisions and we notice in this case that the spinning axis is the tool and we can check for collisions even when the tool is spinning.

Milling and Open Pocket – Reviewing what You’ve Learned

This open pocket milling video further highlights TopSolid’s ability to help intelligently make decisions, but also offers the easy ability to adjust those decisions. Finally, TopSolid’s goal is always to give you 100% confidence when you ultimately hit start to begin post processing. Our machine simulation function for every process gives you this confidence.

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