Within the ninth video of this 25-video series on programming a Multus U3000 with TopSolid, I will program five operations on a five-axis mill-turn machine in a matter of seconds using TopSolid’s drag and drop functionality. Sound too good to be true? Stick with me and I will prove that it is not only possible, but easy.

To mill additional faces, I drag and drop the open pocket cutting toolpath I created in the Programming a Multus U3000 - Use Drag and Drop to Copy Toolpathprevious video. I now demonstrate how easy it is to apply that toolpath to five additional faces in a matter of clicks and in just a few seconds.

Using the kinemetric definitions of the machine TopSolid already knows, when we drag and drop our toolpath, TopSolid automatically finds the correct angular solutions for the new faces and creates the new toolpaths accordingly.

Five operations completed in 50 seconds – impressive!

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