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Within the twelfth video of this 25-video series on programming a Multus U3000 with TopSolid, we will program ID drillings.

Before I begin programming our ID drillings, I wanteStep 12 - Programming a Multus U3000 – ID Drillingsd to show you yet another really cool feature within TopSolid. A function called part display allows us to enable a turning preview that allows us to see the inside of the part as well as the outside. This viewing option is, of course, really handy when programming a drilling operation.

To remind you just how easy it is to program a tool in TopSolid, I will create a flat drill. Then, of course, program specific tool settings.

ID Drillings – Should the Part Spin or Should the Tool Spin?

TopSolid provides you the control to easily specify whether you want the part to spin or the tool to spin during the cutting process. Or, maybe I want to double my feed rate and program both the tool and the part to spin.

Simulation Discovery – A Bit Too Close for Comfort

Our simulation is successful, but we notice that the way the drill approaches is not very safe. Our programmed approach path is a bit too close to the turret for comfort. So, within the next video I will show you how to edit a link movement to rectify this concern.

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