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I was challenged to demonstrate the entire manufacturing process for a part, from initial project creation all the way through final documentation using the TopSolid 7 platform. This video continues to walk you through the completion of that challenge and demonstrates how TopSolid 7 allows users to design for manufacturability. In short, how TopSolid simplifies your manufacturing process.

After completing this challenge and making the resulting series of videos available to you, I decided to extend the challenge. To that end, we created the Program Your Part Challenge in which I invite you to challenge me with your part and/or manufacturing challenges.

Within this video, we will define the custom stock models for each of the four setups. To open your mind to new ways of thinking, I’m going to custom draw the stock at each of the four setups required to manufacture this part. Ultimately, I want you to pay attention to the complete process TopSolid brings to the table. After that, it is up to you to decide how you want to proceed – TopSolid facilitates that level of flexibility.

In the previous video, I laid out the four positions of our part. Now, I’m going to create a new in-place part that is top-down developed. On this assembly, I want each of the four setups to be independent from one another while still taking advantage of the efficiencies TopSolid has to offer.

Setup #1 is cut and pasted, but because I want setup #2 to be independent from setup #1, I ask TopSolid to create a derivation. This allows TopSolid to create a local copy of the part. This derivation allows me the ultimate in both flexibility and efficiency as it allows me to push changes to the derived part, but also to make changes to the derivation without impacting its original instance. Watch the video and check it out.