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I was challenged to demonstrate the entire manufacturing process for a part, from initial project creation all the way through final docume

ntation using the TopSolid 7 platform. This video continues to walk you through the completion of that challenge and demonstrates how TopSolid 7 allows users to design for manufacturability. In short, how TopSolid simplifies your manufacturing process.


After completing this challenge and making the resulting series of videos available to you, I decided to extend the challenge. To that end, we created the Program Your Part Challenge in which I invite you to challenge me with your part and/or manufacturing challenges.

Within this video, we are going to finalize stock condition for our final operation. One of the cool features of TopSolid highlighted in this video is that when the preview of a given operation goes away. This is TopSolid’s way of letting you know that the operation will not work.

By the conclusion of the video, we have now prepared all four positions of this part for the stock that’s going to be present at each of their machining positions.

Want to challenge me with a part or manufacturing process problems? Check out the Program Your Part Challenge.