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I was challenged to demonstrate the entire manufacturing process for a part, from initial project creation all the way through final documentation using the TopSolid 7 platform. So, this series of videos walks you through the completion of that challenge and demonstrates how TopSolid 7, a very robust design and machining platform, allows users to operate at a much higher plane.

After completing this challenge and making the resulting series of videos available to you, I decided to extend the challenge. To that end, we created the Program Your Part Challenge in which I invite you to challenge me with your problem part and/or manufacturing challenges.

Within this video we are going to build a space block so that we can use a clamp. However, I realized I made a mistake in my design. TopSolid allows me to easily great new coincident relationships and to even adjust the tangency I lost. By making these adjustments, the repetitions I created within the last video also update.

With the needed corrections made, I created my very simple spacer block and within the next video we will complete our fixture plate.

Want to challenge me with a part or manufacturing process problems? Check out the Program Your Part Challenge.