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Free Webinar – Discover TopSolid 7


Please register for a free TopSolid webinar! Discover TopSolid 7 will be held on Jan 13, 2016 1:00 PM CST.  You can register with the link below.


This webinar will introduce you to TopSolid 7 and the team behind it. During this webinar you will be introduced to TopSolid from the ground up. It will begin with an interface overview. From there we will design a part together and make a drawing of it. Next we will explore how having PDM at the heartbeat of the product will help you to keep all of your data up to date. From there we will explore some of the basics of TopSolid 7 assemblies with smart components. Finally we will do a quick introduction to TopSolid’Cam for machining.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

TopSolid 7 – Build a Bottom-Up Assembly

Bottom up assembly tutorial

Hi again!  This video tutorial will introduce you to the basics of building a bottom-up assembly within TopSolid 7.  The tutorial is broken into 12 videos.  The goal in each video is to either teach you one or two new things about working with assemblies in TopSolid 7, or it will give you the ability to practice what you have already learned.


Before you begin watching the tutorials, I suggest that you take a minute and download the samples that go with the tutorials.  You will find each below.


To download the sample project, please click on the link below. This project includes the sample part files, a completed assembly, the drawings (in TopSolid format), and the PDF of the drawings.

Full Package
Full Package

Bottom-up Assembly Tutorial Introduction

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TopSolid at IMTS 2014

TopSolid at IMTS 2014
If your into manufacturing in any way you probably know that the 30th edition of IMTS – The
International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014 took place september 8-13.
With more than 2000 companies exhibiting, it seems that large scale additive manufacturing and the worlds 1st 3dprinted was the big thing this year. However, while i must admit it´s kind of awesome the 6 day long show did offer alot more than that to the 100000+ visitors.
Among many interesting companies (2035 infact) Missler Software was also present showing the best of what TopSolid range has to offer.
Image credit goes to Bill Genc from Missler USA

TopSolid, 3Dprinting & restoring old cars

In 1965 the car Chevrolet Impala set an all-time industry annual sales record of more than 1 million units in the U.S.
Nearly 50 years later, Thomas uses modern cad/cam technology to restore his old (1966 model) beauty to it´s former glory.
For those of you reading this blog have seen past blogs about Thomas, Swedish TopSolid guru and his 1966 Impala.
This time he used TopSolid and a Stratasys 3D printer to repair the broken center console.
Check out the full story with pictures on Thomas blog:

TopSolid Seminar 2012

As this was the second year being invited by Missler Software to attend the TopSolid seminar, i had some idea of what to expect. I had a great time last year and this year was no different.

I arrived at the legendary Carlton Hotel wednesday afternoon and metup with American TopSolid superstar and friend Bill Genc.

Traveling from a cold and snowy Scandinavia i sure enjoyed the sunny weather in Cannes and what would be better than going out for a beer to catchup with some old friends?

Even though there is a welcome dinner on wednesday evening the the one event to kick-off the seminar is the global meeting where Missler Software summarizes the past year and presents news about the coming year. One being a new strategic union with French Comapany Alma, experts in Sheet-Metal. Exciting news for anyone working with Sheet Metal.

There was also some success stories, and presentations of some resellers around the globe from Brazil to Thailand. The latter being 4D Corporation in Thailand who has posted a bunch of cool videos on YouTube.

The next couple of days was filled with interesting workshops about TopSolid product lineup aswell as other useful topics much appreciated by everyone.

There was one meeting this year that was very special for me, i finally got to meet with Saad Gasmi, an AE at Missler Software who is considered to be one of the very best and has some many, many years of TopSolid experience. Saad has been helping out alot since i started the blog, and infact he is behind alot of the material presented on TopSolidBlog. Thank you Saad!

On saturday afternoon there was some other activites, sailing, bus rides or…. driving 2 CV around Cannes which was alot of fun! Check out the video below this post!

Saturday ended with a gala award ceremony where the most successful French and international Sales Teams were rewarded.

One might think that spending almost four days at the seminar you would have plenty of time for meetings or just hanging out. But suddenly i find myself on a plane heading for home and i wonder what happened? Lot´s of people i did not have a chance to talk to or only got the chance to meet briefly.

I would like thank Missler Software and especially the marketing team for letting me be apart of the 2012 TopSolid Seminar!

Tracking Mode in TopSolid 7.7

TopSolid 7.6 release is just around the corner and while we wait let´s take a look at an early Alpha version of TopSolid 7.7 and a new feature called Tracking Mode.

In TopSolid 7.7 “Tracking Mode” basically means that when enabled, all you have to do is click on a part, operation or entity and it will be highlighted in one of the corresponding “trees”, pretty cool!

Check out the video below:


Video provided by Missler Software

Top 5 most requested features in TopSolid 7.6

Ok, i have to come clean here, there is no such list. Why? Well because there are to many feature requests to choose from! But make no misstake, these 5 are among the most asked for features!

Last spring i was in Toulouse where i was shown how Missler Software handles these feature requests and i got to tell you, that list of feature requests…. is pretty long!

Anyhow, here´s the list of 5 of the most requested features in TopSolid 7.6:

Excel Link
Excel Link is a feature, allowing users to drive a fully parametric model via an Excel Sheet
Check out this video to learn more:

Rebuild Lines and Arcs and “Contour Wizard”
The new sketch operation 2D Sketch > Operations > Lines Arcs Conversion… allows to convert a spline curve in arcs and segments (with tangency continuity).
The new 2D Sketch > Contour Wizard… operation allows to quickly create a contour from a sketch coming from an import. In case of ambiguity (segment joined with several other segments), different solutions will be suggested in the form of graphics handles.
Also, imported sketches can now be directly edited thanks to the contextual command Make Editable

2D Components
In the same way of the 3d components it is possible to insert 2D Model documents (symbols) in a sketch (title block, view detailing, 2d sketch).
The origin point of the 2D Model document is used as inserted point as default. But it is possible to use others points if these ones had been published.
This new feature allows to create any sort of schema.
2D Components is required to fully detail a 2D Drawing (Include Origin Symbols, Stamps, specific annotations, …)

Custom Revisions
It is now possible to define the text of major and minor revisions to a project element or all elements of a project using the new commands Revision texts… and Default Revision Texts… available from the contextual menu Others on an element or on a project.
Check out this video on Custom Revisions:

Exception in Views (2D Drafting)
When an assembly document is drafted, contextual menu on a view provides a new command names Exception allowing you to manage display mode of parts. For each part you can change visibility, line type of visible part, hidden part etc… and set sectionable or not. All these information can be defined in an Exception Style saved in the Styles > Exceptions Style folder of the entities tree.

And yes, these features will all be available in TopSolid 7.6

Source: Missler Software

Ending of 2011 and beginning of 2012, what´s up?

Ok, so it´s now 2012 and another year has passed. During 2011 there was some 40000 pageviews and 16500 visits by 10000 unique visitors and the videos at the TopSolidBlog YouTube channel has now been viewed more than 22000 times!
As of december last year 7.6 RC was released and this is the version that will be used on next weeks TopSolid 2012 Seminar in Cannes, France.
The Polish TopSolid reseller TopSolution have been working hard translating TopSolid 7 to Polish and with the release of TopSolid 7.5 SP12 (released last december) all Polish users can now enjoy TopSolid 7 in their native language.
Big things coming coming this year, especially with the release of TopSolid 7.6. Also there is a rumour going around that Missler will be announcing something special next week.
Speaking of next week, it´s time for the annual TopSolid seminar for TopSolid VAR’s coming from all around the globe.
Myself and Bill Genc from ClearCut Solutions will try to post some news and updates on Twitter. To join the fun and stay updated add Daniel Norée and Bill Genc! Everyone is more than welcome to join the conversation.