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Another year has passed and this blog is now two years old.
It might be a worn out expression but time really does fly when you are having fun.

The last twelwe months have been really awesome!
I got to travel to Berlin to meet Missler Software staff and resellers from around the world, met some amazing people there!

And if that wasn´t enough i also got to travel to Toulouse and Missler Software to attend some TopSolid 7 training and also to meet with the developers of TopSolid to see how they work.

Also during this year i uploaded 22 new videos to YouTube so now there are 42 videos which have been viewed more than 11000 times these last twelve months

And on the blog there have been 15000 visits and 40000 pageviews from 9000 visitors from more than one hundred countries!

Now i´m gonna go and have some cake and maybe even a beer or two later!

Thank you all for reading!

TopSolid, Stratasys 3D Printer and a 1966 Impala

Swedish TopSolid guru Thomas Ericson is not only one of the guys making the impossible made possible at Swedish TopSolid reseller Protech but he is is also a huge fan of classic American cars and at the moment it´s a Chevrolet Impala 2D HT 1966 that is getting all the attention. Sure it´s coming along fine but this beauty wasn´t always a beauty, when Thomas first laid his eyes on this car it was a burned out wreck.

But as the hours go by (i wouldn´t want to guess how many) this Chevrolet Impala comes closer to it´s former greatness. But a problem with a project like restoring such a car is that getting all the right parts can be really hard or even impossible. So what to do? Give up? Or if you you are like Thomas you just make your own brand new parts! Check out Thomas blog to see how TopSolid and a 3D Printer from Stratasys can make life a whole lot easier when restoring old cars.

Check out Thomas blog here!

Custom stock in TopSolid’Cam 7

Bill Genc from ClearCut Solutions is on a quest. A quest to educate the world on TopSolid 7. And if that´s not enough, for some reason he want´s to save you money aswell.

In this post he explains how to create and work with a custom stock model in TopSolid’Cam 7 . Or actually TopSolid 7 is doing all the work, so i´m not sure what Bill is doing really..   😉

Go check out the post here!


Designing a toy car in TopSolid 7 – Part 2, Rapid Prototyping

If I wanted to make my own toys when I was a kid I have would carve them out of a wooden block using a knife. And I tell you, that was no walk in the park. Blood, sweat and tears and one or two blisters in my hands was all I got…
But these days some 30 years later it´s a whole other ballgame. Advanced software together with state of the art machinery opens new doors to say the least. But come on, where´s the fun in that?
Anyway, as you might have read a while back my son Love got to design a toy car in TopSolid 7 (you can read about it here).

Luckily for us Swedish TopSolid reseller Protech are also experts on 3D Printers and they promised to produce what ever Love designed if he did it on his own. Protech kept their promise and eventually a package was delivered to our house. It would be an understatement to say Love was excited. Next time he will design a train he says… Well, let´s see, all in due time.

Check the video below to see how Loves car came to life.


If your in Malmoe, Sweden on the 4-5 th of may you should visit Protech at the Plastteknik 2011 fair. And if you do, be sure to say hi from me.

Request a video!

The other week TopSolidBlog on YouTube passed 8500 video views. So why not celebrate this by letting you guys decide the topic of a new video?
This means that you can ask for just about anything as long as it´s within the domains of TopSolid’Design 7.
To submit your request you can either write it in the comment field below or send me an e-mail. I will publish the video with a dedication when a request has been choosen.
Regardless if your request will be the one published or not, letting me know what you want to see more about will help me decide what videos to make in the future. So you will be doing me a great favor.
So what are you waiting for, let´s get those requests coming!

TopSolid’Viewer 7.6 sneak peek

There are lot´s of ways to share product design information with others. And to help make things easier many softwares provides a viewer that can read and present this data. TopSolid is no different, they have their own viewer, the TopSolid’Viewer. As with the rest of TopSolid the viewer also gets it´s fair share of updates.

In TopSolid’Viewer 7.6 we will get some new functionality. It will now be possible to play Kinematics/Dynamics Simulation and Exploded Animations in TS’Viewer. In order to read animations in TS’Viewer 7.6 you will have to save your docuiment in 7.6 format.

See the video below for a sneak peek:

Source: Missler Software

TopSolid 7, so easy a 4 year old can do it!

Most software vendors out there can tell you all about how great their software is.
How it´s fast, productive, easy to use and easy to learn and ultimately it will help you make lot´s of money!
They can probably present some impressive numbers like statistics and such to make it sound trustworthy enough. But what does it all mean really? That it´s scientifically proven?
No it doesn´t, it only means that they want to impress you and in the end convince you to buy their product.

Missler Software claims that TopSolid 7 will reduce the learning curve by 50% compared to TopSolid V6. Ok, sure that sounds good and to some point I can agree to that but since I have been using CAD for a long time it doesn´t prove anything really.

But how about if you are four years old? MS Paint or TopSolid 7, what´s the difference?

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Bill Genc explains TopSolid’Update

Over at the Clear Cut Solutions website Bill Genc gives you a full run down on TopSolid’Update.

“TopSolid 7 releases software updates every 6-8 weeks. Why? That’s simple. Software needs to evolve. It’s that simple. As well, from time to time, there might be a bug or two in the product. It happens. (Even to us). However, if a software isn’t continually evolving, then bugs can’t be fixed and new features can’t be added and thus evolution stops and end user frustration begins.
Missler Software understands this all too well. That is why with TopSolid 7, updates are automatic and easy to deal with. Here’s how.”

Go visit Clear Cut Solutions website to read the full post!

Visualization in TopSolid 7, what´s new?

TopSolid 7 renderWith TopSolid V6 I never cared much for rendering. But with the release of TopSolid 7 all that was about to change.
Missler Software claims the graphics and rendering in TopSolid 7 is blazing fast. In fact, Redway3d who develops the R.E.D. technology used in TopSolid 7 says that their new hybrid CPU/GPU ray tracing technology delivers an acceleration factor of 10+ compared to similar rendering technologies.
Of course speed is not all that matters, you need to be able to deliver a high quality result aswell and i think TopSolid 7 combines the two factors in a way that puts it in the top of it´s game.

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TopSolidBlog at the TopSolid Distributers Conference

It´s 3 pm deep in the heart of Berlin a cloudy Friday in the end of January.
A number of small sized cars passes Checkpoint Charlie with screeching tires and hornes honkin. People turns their heads while following the group of cars disappearing around the corner.

Who are they? A group of freedom fighters, trying a daring brakeout?
No it´s the participants of the 2011 TopSolid Distributers Conference doing a tour of Berlin.
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