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TopSolid begins partner search to strengthen its market share in North America

Are you interested in starting a NEW successful PDM CAD/CAM business? 

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TopSolid’Forum updated!

It´s been a long wait but it´s finally over!
As of today the Internatinal TopSolid’Forum is updated to the latest version of phpBB, new TopSolid theme, integration of Taptalk plugin and last but not least new registraion policies! The latter means there is no more “TopSolid Customer Password” needed when registering, it´s now open to all!
Visit TopSolid’Forum here: International TopSolid’Forum
See you all there!

One month to TopSolid’Mold 7 release

There´s complex CAD design and then there´s mold design which is a whole other ballgame in terms of complexity.
Even though i don´t know much about mold design i look forward to the release of TopSolid’Mold in TopSolid 7 as i´ve seen some of the work Missler Software has done on the way to it´s release. I don´t know how they do it but once again Missler deliver what at times seems like an impossible task.
Anyhow, obvioulsy they did it and if you want to read more about it check out the official press release on the Topsolid website.

Want a preview of what´s coming? Check out the video below:

Official TopSolid’CAM 7.7 Tutorial

Today Missler Software announced the release of the official TopSolid’CAM 7.7 tutorial in both English and French.
This is a quite extensive tutorial containing not less than 369 pages!
It has been totally reworked and covers everything you need to be a TopSolid’CAM mastermind!
This will be available for end users as of next Service Pack!

Sheet Metal news in TopSolid 7.7

Because the sheet metal functionality being developed among the first parts of TopSolid 7 it´s been quite capable even since the release of TopSolid 7.2.
Obvoiusly there aren´t alot of news about it because of that and also the fact of new “modules” being added with every new release. But that doesn´t mean that sheet metal design is left behind. It´s in constant development and desereves some attention.
Now, this might not be groundbreaking news but here are some news in TopSolid 7.7.

MCAD Café interview with Bill Genc

A while back the IMTS 2012 was held in Chicago, USA. Now for those of you not familiar with IMTS it´s a trade fair for the manufacturing industry and IMTS is short for “International Manufacturing Technology Show”. Missler Software has  been presented on IMTS for years and this year was no different.

MCAD Café got a chance to interview Missler Software Technical Director Bill Genc who explains TopSolid 7 and the possibilities of  next generation CadCam software.

To see the interview, got to the MCAD Café website.

Graphics and Realistic Rendering news in TopSolid 7.7

TopSolid 7.7 is about to move from Alpha to Beta and while the official release of  TopSolid 7.7 might feel as if it´s still far, far away why not take a look at some of the work Missler Software has done to graphics and realistic rendering in the next version of TopSolid 7.7
Here are the most interesting ones:

French TopSolid forum updated, International forum is Next.

The French TopSolid forum just got updated!

Aswell as getting a well deserved graphical update the forum has also recieved some ” under the hood” updates, one of them being support for Tapatalk.

Support for Tapatalk is nice because it makes it easier for users like me and you to follow what´s going on in the forums using only a smartphone.

Even though the French users can enjoy this update already, the International forum will be updated in the same way in a few weeks time.

In the meantime if you are not familiar with Tapatalk, check out the Tapatalk website.