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TopSolid’Wood – Longboards and Multi-Axis Milling

It’s easy to say that your CAD/CAM solution can make anything, but sometimes….it’s hard to prove this. In the following video, you will see an AWESOME sample of TopSolid’Wood in action.  From the design of the long board to the tooling to the machining of it to yes…even playing with the long board!  Check it out!

Complete Longboard creation by TopSolid’Wood:
-Board and mold realization with TopSolid’Wood CAD & CAM solution
-Machining with Homag 5-axis CNC at Vincent Auriol High School, Revel

Render Studio for TopSolid 7

If you are using TopSolid’Image and want to easily and quickly create nice renders without having to setup a “scene” everytime, you can download this “Render Studio” by SAG.

Assign material or coatings to walls and floors if you like.

As seen in the video below you can adjust the size of floors and walls by dragging circles and points. You can also change the position of the camera and lights by dragging their positioning points.

There is also a centered Frame for easy positioning of you part/assembly which you can the rotate around the Z axis to your desired position. It doesn´t get any easier than this now does it?  😉

You can download the rendering studio for free here.


TopSolid 7: Simplified Representation

Ok, so it´s summer and it´s vacation time i know.. still who doesn´t enjoy a good video from time to time?

I´m sure most people using TopSolid 7 know “Representations”. However, i´m not sure everyone is aware of something called  “Simplified Representation”. This comes in handy when your doing something like a 2D layout and only need a sketch to present your part or assembly.

In this video SAG will show you how to use and create “Simplified Representation” in TopSolid 7. And as always, everything is drag´n drop easy!


Sheet Metal as it was meant to be!

Ok, so there is CAD and there is CAM.  Those of you who have read Jon Banquers blog have already been hammered with the term “Integrated CadCam” and the benefits. And why is Jon going on and on about this stuff? Well, because it kicks ass!

If your like me you send DXF files back and forth between your softwares all day long and when there is a change of design… well, let´s do it all over again.

If your in France then your in luck because then you can benefit from the awesomeness that TopSolid’SheetMetal 2012 offers. And if your outside of France… bad luck, because it´s not available outside of France.

If you want a glimpse of what truly inegrated CadCam for Sheet Metal can be like check out this video:


Configurations and Exceptions in TopSolid 7.7

Check out this video to see how to add kinematic configuration in your draft (available in 7.5 ) and manage exceptions in views (added in 7.6).
For exceptions you can select a part or an assembly directly in the graphic’s area or in the list.

It´s also possible to define ( create) your own style.

Note that in 7.7 it will be possible to use transparency to see thru the parts!


Video provided by SaG

Tracking Mode in TopSolid 7.7

TopSolid 7.6 release is just around the corner and while we wait let´s take a look at an early Alpha version of TopSolid 7.7 and a new feature called Tracking Mode.

In TopSolid 7.7 “Tracking Mode” basically means that when enabled, all you have to do is click on a part, operation or entity and it will be highlighted in one of the corresponding “trees”, pretty cool!

Check out the video below:


Video provided by Missler Software

FreeShape in TopSolid 7.6 – Extract Drillings

As with chamfers and fillets in previous versions, FreeShape in TopSolid 7.6 can now also extract drilling, either by group or one by one.

And that´s not all, there´s a new command called “Grab Operation” which makes it possible to insert and constrain an opertion that has been done after the FreeShape operation itself.

Watch this short video to learn more. (I apologize for the poor audio quality but i figured it´s better than nothing)