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Design an X-Wing Fighter with TopSolid!

Sometimes you just need to have some fun.  It’s Friday, I’ll be honest, I don’t really want to work anymore…(But let’s keep that between us).  I was checking out TopSolid’s YouTube channel and came across this nugget of pure awesomeness.

This video was created by our Sheetmetal Design development manager, Frederic Pontarollo.  Here he shows you how to design an X-Wing Fighter using TopSolid’s Sheetmetal design tools.  Enjoy…and happy Friday!

TopSolid 7 – Can programming a Mazak Quick Turn 200m really be this easy?

Let’s be honest…we’re all busy.  We’re all busy working to find little ways to increase efficiency.  Little ways to maybe turn a tiny profit into a slightly larger profit.  Or in some cases, just outright looking for the holy grail solution to solve all of our problems.  In my case, I am always looking to help you, our customers become better at what you do.  After all…that’s my job.

In this video series, I thought it would interesting to show you some fundamentals about programming basic turning and simple milling on a Mazak Quick Turn 200M machine.  This is a great machine. However, there are limits to the machine. This machine for example does allow live tooling, but it has no Y axis.  So in this case to do any milling you need to know how to do C axis programming.  I thought that this part would be a great sample to show how easy it really is to program a machine like this off line.

So without further delay…here are 4 videos for you to check out.  Enjoy.

Basic Mill Turn Step 1
Basic Mill Turn Step 2

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Design a basic part with TopSolid 7

Following are 5 videos that will walk you through designing of a basic part with TopSolid 7. You will note the part design is based off of a simple 2d drawing.  In these videos, one of our Application Engineers will walk you through some of the basic tools that you will use everyday with TopSolid.

Step 1 – Build a sketch, constrain it and revolve it into a solid model

Step 2 – Create a radial drilling and repeat it

Step 3 – Create a sketch, use construction geometry, create a boss, and trim your part

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TopSolid 7 – 2016 First Look – Automatic Ejector Pin Trimming Process

In this first look video for TopSolid 7 for 2016, you will be introduced to an awesome new improvement for TopSolid’Mold. This has to do with Ejector Pins.  Sometimes, when designing a mold, the heads of the pins will collide.  In these cases, you need to trim the heads together. This proces is also known as keying the pins together.  This is what this new improvement is all about.  In other softwares, that are not specifically designed for mold design, you would spend a ton of time trimming the heads of pins manually.  In TopSolid 7, as you are about to see, this process is accoumplished in a few seconds.


TopSolid’Wood – Longboards and Multi-Axis Milling

It’s easy to say that your CAD/CAM solution can make anything, but sometimes….it’s hard to prove this. In the following video, you will see an AWESOME sample of TopSolid’Wood in action.  From the design of the long board to the tooling to the machining of it to yes…even playing with the long board!  Check it out!

Complete Longboard creation by TopSolid’Wood:
-Board and mold realization with TopSolid’Wood CAD & CAM solution
-Machining with Homag 5-axis CNC at Vincent Auriol High School, Revel

TopSolid 7 – Create an exploded assembly and document it!

Exploded assemblies in TopSolid

In this video tutorial series (10 videos), you will learn how to create an exploded assembly within TopSolid 7.  You will also learn how to create a mounting animation.  Mounting animations are a great way to show an animation of how to assemble or disassemble your assembly.  Finally, you will be shown how to create a drafting document where you get to use your mounting stages and full exploded assembly to document the steps needed to assemble your project.


Following is the download link for the sample data that goes with this project. Please note that this sample data was created in 7.9 SP 8.

Sample project download
Full Package

TopSolid Exploded Assemblies – Introduction

This is an introduction video to review some of the items that you will learn about in this getting started video tutorial for TopSolid 7. This tutorial is all about exploded assemblies, mounting stages, mounting animations, and how to use them in your final draft document.

TopSolid Exploded Assemblies – Step 1 Quick Explosion

In this Getting Started with TopSolid Video, you will be introduced to creating a quick exploded view using a standard spherical explosion technique.  With this technique you get an exploded assembly very quickly Continue reading TopSolid 7 – Create an exploded assembly and document it!