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TopSolid 7.6: Custom revisions

I get a lot of files sent from customers. These files come in various formats but they all have one thing in common, they all have their own revisions.

As TopSolid 7  automatically adds major and minor revisions to native files aswell as imported ones it´s not likely that  the original revisions will match what TopSolid 7 applies when importing.

However in TopSolid 7.6 we will have the ability to manually set the revision. And even though we do so TopSolid still keeps track of changes made and updates the revisions accordingly.


The last piece of the puzzle when creating a custom forming tool

A few weeks back i did a video on how to create you own Sheet Metal forming tool in TopSolid 7. And i mentioned that you can (and you most probably want to) easily add your own sketch to represent you brand new forming tool in the unfolding document.
But as some of you pointed out i never explained how. So here´s a short video showing how to import a DXF and use it for representing the forming tool on your unfolded sheet metal part.


Using “Frames” in TopSolid 7

Ever wondered what Frames are all about in TopSolid 7? If you are a V6 user, you know them as “Coordinate Systems” and that´s  basically what they are.
Below are a few videos that may help you understand more about frames, what they are and how to use them!

More videos about Frames after the break

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TopSolid 7.6 preview: “Profile on Profile Deformation”

Ok, so we have seen a bit of the new “Deformation” command already. And as i mentioned before the 7.6 is still in Alpha and while things are under development they are also subject to change. And in this case the new “Deformation” tool got an update called “Profile on Profile deformation” and basically it´s creating a deformation following a profile.

In the video below i modeled a tube which i then applied the deformation to using a spline. Of course it doesn´t have to be a pipe or a spline, the choice is yours.

And by the way, check out the updated Sketch Radius tool!


TopSolid 7.6 preview: “Thickened curve”

If you are a TopSolid V6 user “Thickened curve” might not be spectacular news but if you are using TopSolid 7 this might be a welcome addition to the Sketch section.
As someone once said “you don´t know what you got til it´s gone”. Coming from V6 sometimes i find myself missing some of the features i once took for granted. But luckily Missler Software is doing their best, moving functionality from V6 to TS7 so we all can get the tools we need.
So without further ado, here´s a preview of “Thickened curve” in TopSolid 7.6. As always, this is still in development and might look different in the finlal release of 7.6.