Getting Started

Getting Started In TopSolid 7


Accessing Help within TopSolid Working with the Home Tab Basic Settings Within Tools Options How to Create a New Document Working with Recent Documents Understanding a CAM Document Understanding a Machine Part Setup Document Understanding a Drafting Document Understanding an Assembly Document Understanding a Part Document Understanding Projects Create a Project Using a Project Template Create a Project Without a Project Template

Data Translation

Import a File with Conversion into a TopSolid Project Import a File Without Conversion into a TopSolid 7 Project


  Getting Started: Basic 2d Mill Tutorial (Playlist 16 videos)     Top Solid Drafting Tutorial: Creating a Drafting Document & Dimensioning (Playlist 4 videos)   TopSolid 7 Exploded Assemblies: Create An Exploded Assembly and Document It (Playlist 10 videos)  

Design a Basic Part with TopSolid 7

Step 1 Build a sketch, constrain it and revolve it into a solid model Step 2 Create a radial drilling and repeat it Step 3 Create a sketch, use construction geometry, create a boss, and trim your part Step 4 Add some additional drillings