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Designing a toy car in TopSolid 7 – Part 2, Rapid Prototyping

If I wanted to make my own toys when I was a kid I have would carve them out of a wooden block using a knife. And I tell you, that was no walk in the park. Blood, sweat and tears and one or two blisters in my hands was all I got…
But these days some 30 years later it´s a whole other ballgame. Advanced software together with state of the art machinery opens new doors to say the least. But come on, where´s the fun in that?
Anyway, as you might have read a while back my son Love got to design a toy car in TopSolid 7 (you can read about it here).

Luckily for us Swedish TopSolid reseller Protech are also experts on 3D Printers and they promised to produce what ever Love designed if he did it on his own. Protech kept their promise and eventually a package was delivered to our house. It would be an understatement to say Love was excited. Next time he will design a train he says… Well, let´s see, all in due time.

Check the video below to see how Loves car came to life.


If your in Malmoe, Sweden on the 4-5 th of may you should visit Protech at the Plastteknik 2011 fair. And if you do, be sure to say hi from me.