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Sheet Metal news in TopSolid 7.7

Because the sheet metal functionality being developed among the first parts of TopSolid 7 it´s been quite capable even since the release of TopSolid 7.2.
Obvoiusly there aren´t alot of news about it because of that and also the fact of new “modules” being added with every new release. But that doesn´t mean that sheet metal design is left behind. It´s in constant development and desereves some attention.
Now, this might not be groundbreaking news but here are some news in TopSolid 7.7.

TopSolid 7.4 Beta

TopSolid 7.4 Beta is now being rolled out to beta testers all around the world for some hands on action.

I´m really excited about this version because it´s a major leap forward in terms of functionality. Not only because of all the bugifixes, updates or new features.

It´s because of  the fact that this version includes the highly anticipated TopSolid’Cam 7!
Unfortunately i don´t have much experience using Cam at all but i will try to present some screenshots later on for you to feast your eyes upon.

More stuff about 7.4 to come, stay tuned!

TopSolid 7.3 close to Beta version

Missler reports beeing in the final stages of developing TopSolid 7.3 improvements. Next month V7.3 will become a beta version and some intensive tests start!

Below are some screenshots from the 7.3 Setup interface.
Some new options are available, the library choice is now optional and TopSolid’Fea (Finite Element Analysis) will be available in 7.3.


Setup Screen TopSolid V7.3


Setup Screen TopSolid V7.3


Setup Screen TopSolid V7.3


Source: Missler