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TopSolid 7 – Build a Bottom-Up Assembly

Bottom up assembly tutorial

Hi again!  This video tutorial will introduce you to the basics of building a bottom-up assembly within TopSolid 7.  The tutorial is broken into 12 videos.  The goal in each video is to either teach you one or two new things about working with assemblies in TopSolid 7, or it will give you the ability to practice what you have already learned.


Before you begin watching the tutorials, I suggest that you take a minute and download the samples that go with the tutorials.  You will find each below.


To download the sample project, please click on the link below. This project includes the sample part files, a completed assembly, the drawings (in TopSolid format), and the PDF of the drawings.

Full Package
Full Package

Bottom-up Assembly Tutorial Introduction

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Bottoms up… or not? It´s all about assemblies!

So it´s sunday evening and you´re bored. The rain is pooring down outide and there´s nothing on tv except Americas TopModel all weekend marathon…

Well don´t despair, here are 11 mins and 29 secs of pure quality time. So go ahead and discover what next generation cad software TopSolid 7 has to offer when it comes to Top-Down and Bottom-Up assemblies!


Building a Bottom-Up assembly with TopSolid 7:


Creating Top-Down Assemblies in TopSolid 7:

Source: ClearCutSolutions on Youtube