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The powers of the right mouse button!

The right mouse button is very useful. It offers a menu which is generally used as a shortcut for commands that you could otherwise reach from other places inside TopSolid.
The cool thing about it is that it´s context dependent, meaning that if you right click on a face you will get options that are likely for whatever you click on. Alot of users don’t take full advantage of this. Try to use it more, it will save your arm and hand considerably.

This sure is one of those things that makes for a more efficient workflow but to what extent can you actually use this menu? I decided to try to design a part using nothing but the contextual menu, just for fun.
I think it went pretty well, check out the video below and judge for yourself:


TopSolid 7 Tips & Tricks #11

Sometimes you want to go back in your design and maybe even insert a new feature at that earlier stage.

What i used to do was to go to my operations tree (or feature tree if you like) and then change the modeling stage there.
But what i didn´t know was that in TopSolid 7 you can just as easily do the same thing using on the contextual menu which is only as far away as a touch of a button!

Edit: And of course as S Gasmi pointed out in the comment below you can also use the contextual menu to add the new fillet.