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TopSolid Seminar 2012

As this was the second year being invited by Missler Software to attend the TopSolid seminar, i had some idea of what to expect. I had a great time last year and this year was no different.

I arrived at the legendary Carlton Hotel wednesday afternoon and metup with American TopSolid superstar and friend Bill Genc.

Traveling from a cold and snowy Scandinavia i sure enjoyed the sunny weather in Cannes and what would be better than going out for a beer to catchup with some old friends?

Even though there is a welcome dinner on wednesday evening the the one event to kick-off the seminar is the global meeting where Missler Software summarizes the past year and presents news about the coming year. One being a new strategic union with French Comapany Alma, experts in Sheet-Metal. Exciting news for anyone working with Sheet Metal.

There was also some success stories, and presentations of some resellers around the globe from Brazil to Thailand. The latter being 4D Corporation in Thailand who has posted a bunch of cool videos on YouTube.

The next couple of days was filled with interesting workshops about TopSolid product lineup aswell as other useful topics much appreciated by everyone.

There was one meeting this year that was very special for me, i finally got to meet with Saad Gasmi, an AE at Missler Software who is considered to be one of the very best and has some many, many years of TopSolid experience. Saad has been helping out alot since i started the blog, and infact he is behind alot of the material presented on TopSolidBlog. Thank you Saad!

On saturday afternoon there was some other activites, sailing, bus rides or…. driving 2 CV around Cannes which was alot of fun! Check out the video below this post!

Saturday ended with a gala award ceremony where the most successful French and international Sales Teams were rewarded.

One might think that spending almost four days at the seminar you would have plenty of time for meetings or just hanging out. But suddenly i find myself on a plane heading for home and i wonder what happened? Lot´s of people i did not have a chance to talk to or only got the chance to meet briefly.

I would like thank Missler Software and especially the marketing team for letting me be apart of the 2012 TopSolid Seminar!

Swedish TopSolid users conference

On the 15-16th of june swedish TopSolid reseller ProTech will host the annual swedish TopSolid users conference in Jönköping.

  • The first day TopSolid’2010 will be presented together with TopSolid’Mold and TopSolid’Progress.
  • On the second day again Topsolid’2010 is presented but this time together with TopSolid’Wood.

Two guest speakers are invited this year including myself:

Daniel Forsman of Flexible Engineering will do a comparison between TopSolid 7 and other competing systems.
Daniel wrote an article on the subject published here in January. If you haven´t read it i highly recommend you do so. You can find the article here.

I will show some highlights from TopSolid 7 and also talk about this blog.