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Cubemapping made easy!

Missler was kind enough to send me a link CubeMapGen_logoto the
ATI CubeMapGen which makes creating a CubeMap Environment for TopSolid 7 a piece of cake!
I can´t belive i missed this one, it makes things alot easier working with CubeMaps!




Just open up your “CubeCross” (that you created in “HDR Shop”) in CubeMapGen, choose “Save CubeMap (.dds)” and that´s it. You´re done!











Note: CubeMapGen also functions as an HDRShop plugin that provides the filtering functionality of CubeMapGen to HDRShop v1.0.

“Space, the final frontier!”

The quote from the 1966 tv-series Star Trek, presents todays post. Cause today TopSolid have left earth and has set course for space!

Are you ready for a trip into deep space? Then head over to the Environments section where i have added som new .DDS files with space  a theme.

So put your seats in a upright position, secure your seatbelts, set your gears into warp speed and have a safe trip! 


Space 3 Preview