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Emboss a logo from a DXF file onto a 3d part

In this video, you will learn how to emboss a logo onto a 3d face. You will start by importing a dxf file.  Then you will scale the imported sketch.  After that you will create a basic 3d shape to emboss the logo on.  Finally, you will learn how to emboss your imported profile onto your 3d face.  It’s important to understand that embossing will keep the curvature of the surface in tact on the embossed feature.

The last piece of the puzzle when creating a custom forming tool

A few weeks back i did a video on how to create you own Sheet Metal forming tool in TopSolid 7. And i mentioned that you can (and you most probably want to) easily add your own sketch to represent you brand new forming tool in the unfolding document.
But as some of you pointed out i never explained how. So here´s a short video showing how to import a DXF and use it for representing the forming tool on your unfolded sheet metal part.


How to import a dxf/dwg and create a part in TopSolid 7

Want to know how to import a dxf/dwg and use it to create a 3d part TopSolid 7? Well then look no further, here´s a video that will walk you thru the process.

The video shows how to import a dxf/dwg.
How to filter entities such as dimensions on import.
How to filter linetypes while working.
Creating a sketch from imported geometry.
Adding features.
And more.

Activate annotations for some help along the way.

Tutorial: Importing a DXF logo in a titleblock

If you have set up some drawing templates it´s most likely that you have put the company logo in the titleblock.

Putting a bitmap logo in your titleblock is easy, but if you want to put your DXF/DWG logo in there you will have to use a different approach.

Here´s how you do it:



Import DXF/DWG document.

By Saad Gasmi



In Project Tree, Sélect Import File with conversion

Select the document: my logo.dxf

Choose Part document

Select by lasso and copy with Ctrl+C

Select your control point.

Insert in Titelblock

Open a new Draft document

Edit the titelblock and paste with Ctrl+V