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Environment tutorial revisited


Some people e-mailed me asking if there´s a free alternative to using Photoshop when creating DDS files. 
And yes, there is a free alternative to Photoshop, it´s called GIMP. And using GIMP together with the GIMP DDS Plugin you can create Environment DDS files that works perfect with TopSolid 7.

So here it is, the “creating environment DDS files for TopSolid 7 using only free-to-download tools tutorial”!

Ok, first download the necessary tools to be able to complete this tutorial:

Download Free HDR Shop (V1) here: http://www.hdrshop.com/

Then download Gimp here: http://www.gimp.org/downloads/

And also of course the Gimp DDS plugin which you will find here: http://nifelheim.dyndns.org/~cocidius/dds/

To start with you need som sort of image to use as environment. Either you take a picture yourself if you have the appropriate equipment or just download something from the internet.

Fisheye Gate

Open up HDRShop and open your image.  Just click OK when the “Specify Camera Response Curve for LDR Image” dialog appears.

Then choose Image, Panorama, Panoramic Transformation.

Settings should be as screenshot:

Note: I am using a “mirrored ball” as source image format but it is possible to use others such as panoramic pictures, then change the format setting.

Save from HDR Shop

HDRShop will now convert your image to a “Vertical Cross”.
It should look like on the screenshot below (except for my text of course). The picture has now been divided into six images.

Gate Cross

Next step is to open open your image in GIMP. Then create one more image in GIMP and set size to 512×512 pixels. Now, cut out the six images one by one and paste them in your new image on individual layers. If you are unsure on how to do this check GIMP documentation for proper instructions.

You now need to assign names to the different layers, see screenshot below. Be sure to set the names to the correct layer (image).


When thats done, all you have to do is to save your work as a DDS file. Use settings as screenshot.


Now just open TopSolid 7, create a new environment and insert it into your scene!

“Space, the final frontier!”

The quote from the 1966 tv-series Star Trek, presents todays post. Cause today TopSolid have left earth and has set course for space!

Are you ready for a trip into deep space? Then head over to the Environments section where i have added som new .DDS files with space  a theme.

So put your seats in a upright position, secure your seatbelts, set your gears into warp speed and have a safe trip! 


Space 3 Preview

New “Environments” section added to TopSolidBlog.com!


Maybe you have read the tutorial on how to make your own custom environments for TopSolid 7. Did you think it seemed to be to much work?
Well  then, maybe you will like this new section i have added to the blog.

It´s a new section called “Environments”.

There you will find some environment .DDS files especially made for TopSolid 7 and free for you to download! I will try to add some more later on!

Any contributions are more than welcome.