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TopSolid Modeling Tutorial

Time Line Solid Modeling

Let me start by saying… “Welcome to TopSolid 7! In this video…” but there I have to stop.  Because in this case, there is more than just ONE video.  Cad - Solid modeling

In this video tutorial series, there are actually 16 videos in total. They start by an introduction and progress step by step through each major step in the process of learning basic solid modeling.

This tutorial will cover a lot of ground quickly and should give you the knowledge you need to begin solid modeling within TopSolid 7.

Before you begin watching the tutorials, I suggest that you take a minute and download the samples that go with the tutorials.  You will find each below.


You can either download the sample TopSolid Solid Modeling Tutorial package which contains the completed model, the drawings (in TopSolid format), and the PDF of the drawings.  Or you can download just the PDF and work within your own project. The choice is yours.

PDF Only
Full Package

TopSolid Modeling Tutorial Introduction

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TopSolid 7 downloaded 4357 times

In early june 2009 the Topsolid 7 website was launched. At this website anyone can register for a free download of TopSolid 7.

In october there had been around 500 downloads and after an extensive e-mailing campaign from Missler Software another 600 downloads were made in one single day!

By mid march 2010 TopSolid 7 had been downloaded a total of 4357 times.

RAL Colour Library for TopSolid 7, free download

ral color chartI have made a library with RAL Classic colours for TopSolid 7 and for you to download and use, for free!

This library contains about 208 coatings representing the RAL Classic Colours.

RAL is used for defining colors for paint and coating. The colours in this library are RGB and matched to the original RAL Colours and are not representing exactly what they look like in real life. Monitor settings and such may also affect the apperance of colors.

Go to “Coatings” section to download.