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Choosing a fully integrated CAD/CAM Solution

Missler Quarter Page Ad IMTS 2016Choosing a CAD or a CAM solution can be a daunting task.  There are many aspects that you need to take into consideration prior to making your choice. These include, but are by no means limited too such things as cost (up front and annual), functionality, availability, learn-ability, support resources, development schedule, popularity, and…well even more. Many people companies choose their solution based on a number of these items.  However, one of the most important items to consider is often missed…integration.

Integration between your CAD and your CAM software is paramount in today’s manufacturing world. Integration allows downstream elements, such as CAM files, to automatically receive updates from upstream items like CAD files.

For example, ACME Manufacturing designs and manufactures their own product line.  Today ACME uses one CAD product to engineer with and a totally independent and different CAM product to manufacture with.  This was ok to do…10 plus years ago.

The problem with this methodology is that when the engineering team makes a change to the CAD data how do they ensure that the manufacturing teams not only receives that engineering change, but that the manufacturing team uses is?  Also, how long does it take the manufacturing team to integrate the new data into their standalone CAM solution?  Is it a few minutes? Hours? Days???

Herein lies the problem of independent products that do not communicate with each other seamlessly.

Simply put, they cost ACME a lot of money in lost time and rework.

What is the solution?

The solution is to choose a solution that integrates all aspects of your engineering and manufacturing process together under one easy to use and deploy platform. Continue reading Choosing a fully integrated CAD/CAM Solution

TopSolid at IMTS 2014

TopSolid at IMTS 2014
If your into manufacturing in any way you probably know that the 30th edition of IMTS – The
International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014 took place september 8-13.
With more than 2000 companies exhibiting, it seems that large scale additive manufacturing and the worlds 1st 3dprinted was the big thing this year. However, while i must admit it´s kind of awesome the 6 day long show did offer alot more than that to the 100000+ visitors.
Among many interesting companies (2035 infact) Missler Software was also present showing the best of what TopSolid range has to offer.
Image credit goes to Bill Genc from Missler USA

MCAD Café interview with Bill Genc

A while back the IMTS 2012 was held in Chicago, USA. Now for those of you not familiar with IMTS it´s a trade fair for the manufacturing industry and IMTS is short for “International Manufacturing Technology Show”. Missler Software has  been presented on IMTS for years and this year was no different.

MCAD Café got a chance to interview Missler Software Technical Director Bill Genc who explains TopSolid 7 and the possibilities of  next generation CadCam software.

To see the interview, got to the MCAD Café website.

TopSolid 7 reaping success in the U.S.

TopSolid guru Bill Genc from Clear-Cut Solutions together with Missler Software recently showcased TopSolid’CAM 7 at the IMTS trade fair in Chicago, USA.
Although TopSolid might not be as well known as it´s American competitors the response was beyond expectations.
In fact just a few weeks after the IMTS took place Clear-Cut Solutions had already shipped their first couple of licenses for TopSolid 7 including CAM.
Bill Genc is a well known person in the TopSolid community and have you ever watched a video about TopSolid 7 on YouTube you are more than likely to recognize his voice. I only know Bill briefly and wanted to know a little bit more about him and his thoughts on TopSolid.
Eager to find out i sent him some questions for an interview and this it what came out.

Continue reading TopSolid 7 reaping success in the U.S.