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TopSolid: Making the programming of a Mazak Integrex look easy!

TopSolid makes everything easier!
TopSolid makes everything easier!

Programming a B-Axis Mill Turn machine can be difficult. But if you are using the right tool, maybe it doesn’t have to be. With TopSolid, you have a product that really understands what these machines can do. Moreover you have a product that makes it easy to get these types of machines cutting. This video is a teaser of a new series that I am developing. That new series will show you step by step how to program a Mazak Integrex like this with TopSolid.¬†Enjoy the video…and Buy TopSolid! ūüôā

Webinar: How to manage your manufacturing experience with TopSolid 7!

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Manufacturing is a challenge. In fact manufacturing is challenging enough without having to fight with your CAD and CAM software to get your job done. Join this webinar to discover Mfg'ing Spagettihow working with world-class PDM based CAD/CAM solution can help to increase your productivity while also saving money from your bottom line.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us with them! After all, that’s what we are here for!

TopSolid 7 – 3 Channel Synchronous Milling

Recently we had a customer ask us if we can handle multi-channel synchronous milling.  In most cases this means milling on the same channel with two turrets.  We discussed this internally and found that this is not only manageable, but it is also possible to take it to extreme levels. For example, one of our team members here decided to try it with 3 channels.  And guess what? It works!  And moreover, it was relatively easy to manage thanks to the power of TopSolid 7.

Check out the video below to see the simulation of 3 channel synchronous milling. ¬†It is, if nothing else…NATIVELY AWESOME!

TopSolid 7 – Can programming a Mazak Quick Turn 200m really be this easy?

Let’s be honest…we’re all busy. ¬†We’re all busy working to find little ways to increase efficiency. ¬†Little ways to maybe turn a tiny profit into a slightly larger profit. ¬†Or in some cases, just outright looking for the holy grail solution to solve all of our problems. ¬†In my case, I am always looking to help you, our customers become better at what you do. ¬†After all…that’s my job.

In this video series, I thought it would interesting to show you some fundamentals about programming basic turning and simple milling on a Mazak Quick Turn 200M machine.  This is a great machine. However, there are limits to the machine. This machine for example does allow live tooling, but it has no Y axis.  So in this case to do any milling you need to know how to do C axis programming.  I thought that this part would be a great sample to show how easy it really is to program a machine like this off line.

So¬†without further delay…here are 4 videos for you to check out. ¬†Enjoy.

Basic Mill Turn Step 1
Basic Mill Turn Step 2

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