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Using imported core & cavity blocks with TopSolid Mold

Ahhh…the life of a mold designer. The beauty of it, and the hard part about it, is that they never really know what they are going to have to deal with from one design to the next. At TopSolid, we totally understand this.  It is why we have written TopSolid...

TopSolid: Create a pipe between two connectors

Sometimes you need to be able to work freely. With TopSolid 7, this is not a problem. In this video you will see how to add a few standard connectors and then, more importantly how to create a custom hose to attach one connector to another.

Swedish TopSolid users conference

On the 15-16th of june swedish TopSolid reseller ProTech will host the annual swedish TopSolid users conference in Jönköping. The first day TopSolid’2010 will be presented together with TopSolid’Mold and TopSolid’Progress. On the second day again...