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Step1- Programming a Multus U3000 Machine Part Setup with TopSolid

Start with Machine Part Setup

Describe the stock condition while programming millturn machinesIn the first video of this 25-video series on programming a Multus U3000 with TopSolid, you will learn how to get started in TopSolid. You will start by opening the part to machine.  From there, you will add this part to a Machine Part Setup document (MPS for short).  It is in this document that you will tell TopSolid what the part to machine is and what the stock condition for the part is.  (For more information about a Machine Part Setup Document, please click here.)

Include your MPS into a Machining Document

Position the part while programming millturn machinesNext you will select a new Cam document by selecting a pre-created Machining template that already has the Okuma U3000 machine model and some basic tools loaded in it already.  From there you will learn how to include your MPS file into the Machining document.  It’s literally as simple as drag-n-drop to include.  Next up…positioning of the MPS file on your chuck. This part is very important. You want to be sure that you position your part correctly in the simulated environment. To position the part you will be shown a few of TopSolid’s powerful and simple-to-use assembly constraints.  (For more information about building assemblies within TopSolid you should check out this post here).

Once the part is loaded into the Machining document, you are now ready to make your first tool path.

Reviewing what you’ve learned

What you should pay close attention too in the video, is the simplicity of TopSolid.  Everything that you see in this video is being done in real time.  From the creation of the MPS file to the positioning of the part on the U3000 millturn machine.  Remember you’re working in a simulated environment in real time. You’re working this way because it makes more sense and is a far more efficient way to program complex millturn machines.  Why?  It makes sense because you want to know if you make a mistake, at the moment you make the mistake.  Not 2 days (or 3 weeks) later when you are running your program through a simulation.  By that point you have too much to lose.

When you are ready to continue this video series click here!

Looking forward…

Are you ready for the next step?  Awesome…click here!

Create a Machine Part Setup Document within TopSolid 7

Like all processes that exist in manufacturing, it is important to understand the process of how to send a part to be machined within TopSolid 7.  This process includes a special document type called “Machine Part Setup”.

It is this document that today’s video will cover.  In this video you will be shown various ways to send a part into a Machine Part Setup document.  But first, what is a Machine Part Setup document?

A Machine Part Setup document, or MPS for short, is a document that exists between the Cad document and the Cam document. Its sole purpose in life is to give you a simple way to describe the part, or parts to cut to TopSolid and also to describe the stock model to be used.

We created an intermediate document like this because we have found that our users always need a way to manipulate and edit the stock conditions of the parts they are cutting. And with this intermediate document, they can do this with ease.

The following video will introduce you to the basics of what an MPS document is and how you can use it.