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TopSolid welcomes another new team member

BrianHello, my name is Brian Russell and I am excited to be a part of the TopSolid team!  I am a Chicago native, having lived in the Chicago-land area my entire life.  Previously, I was a Design Engineer for six and a half years, working for a large plastics manufacturing company that produced injection molded and blow molded outdoor consumer products.  I have designed several projects with them, and currently hold 21 patents for my work with them.  I have come to Missler Software to embark on a new challenge and join the wood team to help with support on both the CAD and CAM side of things.

I am a newly married man, having married my lovely wife Nicole in October of 2014.  We own a house in North Aurora, a suburb of Chicago, with our best friend Oakley (who happens to be a 120 pound Bernese Mountain Dog).  In my free time, I enjoy fishing, golfing, and basically anything outside.

I look forward to getting to know TopSolid more intimately and bringing a new perspective to the already outstanding support team here at Missler Software.

TopSolid welcomes our newest team member

Scott Turransky PhotoAt Missler Software, Inc. (Creators of TopSolid), it has been an exciting few years for us. We are honored that more and more people are seeing how TopSolid 7 makes a strong addition to their facilities. As the demand grows, we are making sure you get the support that is required to meet your needs. In addition to constantly improving our software, we are also building up our team to provide you with a greater level of support.

As of February 8th, we brought on a new Sales Engineer. Please welcome Scott Turransky. Scott brings just under 7 years of experience including 4 years working with PDM and CAD software as a design engineer, and a year working with manufacturing companies in the Chicagoland area. He is excited to learn about the CAM elements of TopSolid 7, and how we can help improve your business.

Here is a brief intro from Scott:

Hello! It is exciting to be a part of the TopSolid team. It sounds like there is a lot of exciting things happening and I look forward to being a part of it. I have lived in Chicago (or a suburb) for most of my life minus college and 4 years post college. I got my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineer at University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign and then spent about 4 years in Pittsburgh designing tools to service the naval fleet.

Outside of business, I am an active Toastmaster and am part of several clubs in Chicago. I also am a long distance runner; mostly half marathons.

I look forward to meeting you soon, and learning about how TopSolid is meeting your needs and what we can do to better serve you. Have a great day.

Happy New Years from TopSolid!

2015 marked and important year for Missler Software. We celebrated our 30th anniversary…we added new team members around the globe…and we worked diligently to improve our software and our business.  Thanks to you, we have for the first time achieved more than 30 million Euros (approx. 33 million dollars) in revenue!

Following is a video from Marc Choquin with a full report.  Marc is in charge of worldwide sales for TopSolid.

TopSolid’Newsletter #55

TopSolid’Newsletter #55 is out and the here are the headlines:

  • TopSolid 2011 is now available
  • Improved calculation speeds with TopSolid’Cam 2011
  • Increased productivity with TopSolid’Wood 2011
  • Annual TopSolid International Resellers Meeting
  • Customer of the month: Micro Erosion
  • Hint of the month: TopSolid’Cam
  • Upcoming events with Missler Software

If you are not a subscriber to TopSolid’Newsetters, you can read it here.

TopSolid’Newsletter #52

The latest TopSolid’Newsletter, number 52 to be exact just arrived in my mailbox.

If you are not a subscriber to TopSolid’Newsletter you can find newsletter #52 here.


  • ATI FirePro™ certified for TopSolid
  • TopSolid at IMTS 2010
  • New German TopSolid web site
  • TopSolid User Days in Belgium
  • Customer of the month: Galvanin Spa
  • TopSolid Tip of the month: TopSolid’Cam
  • Upcoming events

TopSolid’Newsletter #49

“Extra, extra, read all about it!”

TopSolid’Newsletter #49 is here and these are the headlines:

  • New partnership between Missler Software and SimCon
  • TopSolid 7.3 now available
  • Southern Virginia Higher Education Centre chooses TopSolid
  • What’s New
  • Customer of the month: kmb Metalltechnik
  • TopSolid Tip of the month: TopSolid 7
  • Upcoming Events

Topsolid’Newsletter #49 is available at the TopSolid website.

TopSolid earns the “Compatible with Windows 7” logo


“Evry, 23 November 2009 – Missler Software, a leading CAD/CAM developer has announced support for Windows 7. TopSolid will benefit from the power of Windows 7 on next generation touch screen hardware, making 3D mechanical design easier to use than ever before. 3D data is more and more complex and performance is now a key issue in the current CAD/CAM world so optimized hardware and software is essential.”

Read full pressrelease here.