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Render Studio for TopSolid 7

If you are using TopSolid’Image and want to easily and quickly create nice renders without having to setup a “scene” everytime, you can download this “Render Studio” by SAG.

Assign material or coatings to walls and floors if you like.

As seen in the video below you can adjust the size of floors and walls by dragging circles and points. You can also change the position of the camera and lights by dragging their positioning points.

There is also a centered Frame for easy positioning of you part/assembly which you can the rotate around the Z axis to your desired position. It doesn´t get any easier than this now does it?  😉

You can download the rendering studio for free here.


Graphics and Realistic Rendering news in TopSolid 7.7

TopSolid 7.7 is about to move from Alpha to Beta and while the official release of  TopSolid 7.7 might feel as if it´s still far, far away why not take a look at some of the work Missler Software has done to graphics and realistic rendering in the next version of TopSolid 7.7
Here are the most interesting ones:

Redway3D announces Redsdk 3.0

Redway 3D announced Redsdk 3.0 the other day.

Those of you who run betas of TopSolid might have noticed the leap from 2.6 to 3.0 in the early stages of  7.6. The current version inside TopSolid 7.6 is

Even though the version 3.0 doesn´t bring alot of obvious changes in terms of new features in TopSolid there are lot´s going on “behind the scenes”:

  • A 100% free API to bridge Redsdk and Parasolid
  • Faster anti-aliasing with a better quality
  • More built-in shaders
  • Support of stereoscopy improved
  • New materials added to Redmaterials
  • New hardware and custom certifications

Read all about it over at redway3d.com!

TopSolid’Image section added to TopSolid’Forum

I like rendering. In fact i like it alot and so i´m very happy to announce that TopSolid’Image now has a home of it´s own on the international TopSolid Forum.
TopSolid’Image has been around the French forum for some time now so it´s about time the non French speaking community has a place to share knowledge, tips&tricks and discus graphics and rendering techniques in TopSolid.