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TopSolid begins partner search to strengthen its market share in North America

Are you interested in starting a NEW successful PDM CAD/CAM business? 

  • Do you want to sell a software that is NEW & UNIQUE?
  • Are you looking for a solution that is RAPIDLY DEVELOPING in today’s marketplace?
  • Do you want to sell a complete solution that responds exactly to NEW challenges of the industry?

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Swedish TopSolid users conference

On the 15-16th of june swedish TopSolid reseller ProTech will host the annual swedish TopSolid users conference in Jönköping.

  • The first day TopSolid’2010 will be presented together with TopSolid’Mold and TopSolid’Progress.
  • On the second day again Topsolid’2010 is presented but this time together with TopSolid’Wood.

Two guest speakers are invited this year including myself:

Daniel Forsman of Flexible Engineering will do a comparison between TopSolid 7 and other competing systems.
Daniel wrote an article on the subject published here in January. If you haven´t read it i highly recommend you do so. You can find the article here.

I will show some highlights from TopSolid 7 and also talk about this blog.

2010 TopSolid Seminar in Barcelona

TopSolid Seminar in Barcelona finishes this week-end, a lot of resellers have come from all around the world : South and North America, Europe, Asia.

The ceremony of Award winners for 2009 has been organized during a gala dinner. This year the best resellers are:

1.       Kodama Corparation (Japan)

2.       Moldtech (Germany)

3.       Adequate Solutions (Germany)

Kodama Corp. has been number one for many years. German resellers increase their turnover and does a great job especially with TopSolid’Cam. Many other resellers have really well performed even if crisis was there : Missler Brazil, Missler Italia, NCDATA (Switzerland), Protech and many others. Sorry for all the other resellers I forget. They are too many.

VARs were able to attend to 7 different workshops:

–          TopSolid’Design

–          TopSolid’Cam

–          TopSolid’Wood

–          TopSolid’Mold

–          TopSolid’Progress

–          Specific Development with new products : TopSolid’Planner (Planner for wood industry to quickly design a kitchen, a bathroom with a customer), TopSolid’Quotation (Quotation application linked to TopSolid’Planner used by salesmen)

–          Last but not least workshop – Marketing and Sales

By: Olivier Fermy