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Sheet Metal news in TopSolid 7.7

Because the sheet metal functionality being developed among the first parts of TopSolid 7 it´s been quite capable even since the release of TopSolid 7.2.
Obvoiusly there aren´t alot of news about it because of that and also the fact of new “modules” being added with every new release. But that doesn´t mean that sheet metal design is left behind. It´s in constant development and desereves some attention.
Now, this might not be groundbreaking news but here are some news in TopSolid 7.7.

Sheet Metal as it was meant to be!

Ok, so there is CAD and there is CAM.  Those of you who have read Jon Banquers blog have already been hammered with the term “Integrated CadCam” and the benefits. And why is Jon going on and on about this stuff? Well, because it kicks ass!

If your like me you send DXF files back and forth between your softwares all day long and when there is a change of design… well, let´s do it all over again.

If your in France then your in luck because then you can benefit from the awesomeness that TopSolid’SheetMetal 2012 offers. And if your outside of France… bad luck, because it´s not available outside of France.

If you want a glimpse of what truly inegrated CadCam for Sheet Metal can be like check out this video:


The last piece of the puzzle when creating a custom forming tool

A few weeks back i did a video on how to create you own Sheet Metal forming tool in TopSolid 7. And i mentioned that you can (and you most probably want to) easily add your own sketch to represent you brand new forming tool in the unfolding document.
But as some of you pointed out i never explained how. So here´s a short video showing how to import a DXF and use it for representing the forming tool on your unfolded sheet metal part.


Advanced Sheet Metal made easy with TopSolid 7

When talking about TopSolid 7 and the upcoming release of version 7.5 there´s alot of hype around TopSolid’CAM and what it can do. And sure it looks pretty amazing.
But one must not forget that TopSolid is so much more than just CAM and the fact is that TopSolid packs a sheet metal module that´s is right up there with the best and in some parts maybe even the best.

In TopSolid 7.5 Missler Software presents a new function which is kinda cool, it allows you to create and unfold a  “trunk corner” with only a few mouseclicks.


Sheet Metal transition in TopSolid 7.3


Here´s a quick tutorial on how to create a Transition Sheet Metal  in TopSolid 7.3

Thank´s to Saad for this contribution!





Ok, here we go.

First create 3 offset points like in the below screenshot.




Now create a Transition Sheet Metal between point 3 and point 2.


Then create one more transition but this time between point 2 and point 1.



Now create a Transition between Absolute origin and point 1.



When that´s done you can modify the section of transition 3 to obtain this:



At this step you can use parameter D=500, H=750.



Create Sheet Metal by Thickening fo the three shapes you just created.






Don´t forget to push Shape 2 and 3 in Design representation


Before:                                                                   After: