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Sketcher: Constraint based sketch vs. sketch operations

topsolid-tips-and-tricksWhen working with a 3d solid modeling solution like TopSolid, it is very important that you understand how its sketcher functions.  Most 3d modeling solutions have one way to create and work with sketches.  And that one way is supposed to fit every need you have.

The Problem

The problem with that notion is that your needs change all of the time.  The way you define geometry within a sketch needs to be completely flexible.  What do I mean? Sometimes you may want to create a simple sketch, while other times you may want to create a really intelligent sketch. Perhaps you want to create a sketch that allows you to apply operations to it that really allow you to capture your design intent more cleanly.  Thankfully for you, you use TopSolid and have the freedom to do both.

Understanding a sketcher

Let’s start by understanding what a sketcher is first.  A sketcher allows you to create wire-frame based geometry. In TopSolid there is a 2d Sketcher and a 3d Sketcher. For this discussion, we will be focusing on the 2d sketcher.

Different types of TopSolid sketcher constraints A 2d sketcher allows you to create wire-frame on a specific plane. The sketcher environment at the solving level, allows you to define the sketch using dimensional relationships as well as geometric relationships.  These are known as constraints.  In the image to the right, you will see a sample of a constrained sketch.  This image shows both dimensional and geometric constraints. Continue reading Sketcher: Constraint based sketch vs. sketch operations

TopSolid 7: Simplified Representation

Ok, so it´s summer and it´s vacation time i know.. still who doesn´t enjoy a good video from time to time?

I´m sure most people using TopSolid 7 know “Representations”. However, i´m not sure everyone is aware of something called  “Simplified Representation”. This comes in handy when your doing something like a 2D layout and only need a sketch to present your part or assembly.

In this video SAG will show you how to use and create “Simplified Representation” in TopSolid 7. And as always, everything is drag´n drop easy!


TopSolid 7.6 preview: “Profile on Profile Deformation”

Ok, so we have seen a bit of the new “Deformation” command already. And as i mentioned before the 7.6 is still in Alpha and while things are under development they are also subject to change. And in this case the new “Deformation” tool got an update called “Profile on Profile deformation” and basically it´s creating a deformation following a profile.

In the video below i modeled a tube which i then applied the deformation to using a spline. Of course it doesn´t have to be a pipe or a spline, the choice is yours.

And by the way, check out the updated Sketch Radius tool!


TopSolid 7.6 preview: “Thickened curve”

If you are a TopSolid V6 user “Thickened curve” might not be spectacular news but if you are using TopSolid 7 this might be a welcome addition to the Sketch section.
As someone once said “you don´t know what you got til it´s gone”. Coming from V6 sometimes i find myself missing some of the features i once took for granted. But luckily Missler Software is doing their best, moving functionality from V6 to TS7 so we all can get the tools we need.
So without further ado, here´s a preview of “Thickened curve” in TopSolid 7.6. As always, this is still in development and might look different in the finlal release of 7.6.

2D Kinematics in TopSolid 7

3D cad changed the way we work forever. And sure, it´s awesome and has all kinds of advantages. But sometimes you just want a simple sketch, maybe to present a proof of concept.
TopSolid 7 offers the ability to create a mechanism by defining the kinematics of the objects included in an assembly. These kinematics can be also be applied to a simple 2D sketch.
To see how, check out the video below:

Reusability, as easy as pie!

Tired of doing the same sketch twice in order to be able to use it in more than a single operation? Wouldn´t it just be so much easier to simply just use the same sketch again? Sure it would, it´s smart, it´s efficient and it´s easy!
Recycling is on everyone’s lips these days so why not?

Learn more about this by checking out the video by Bill Genc from Clear Cut Solutions below.

If you want to read Bills blogpost on the subject you can find it here.