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Family mold split in a few minutes…Thanks TopSolid

Split Tips and tricks for TopSolidWhen you are working on a project around the house, having the right tool makes the job effortless and maybe even a little fun.  The same is true for designing molds. Working with a tool like TopSolid, that is designed to be a manufacturing solution, can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting your split done quickly and efficiently.

In this video, I walk you through what it takes to make a very basic family mold split.  The parts are basic, but the process is sound.  Follow these steps for any family mold you make and it will always work out well for you.  I know some will argue that this is a silly sample as it is based on a couple of poker chips…but again the goal here is to teach you a process.  Pay attention to the process.  It is simple, repeatable, and the best thing is…it just works no matter the complexity of the project.

When it comes to creating core and cavities, it is a strong process that makes it possible to move quickly.  With TopSolid, our Split document allows you to control all aspects of your core/cavity split.  From shrink to over-molded parts there is no stopping the power of TopSolid. Check out the video and see for your self what a real manufacturing based cad/cam solution should look like.

Core & Cavity Creation – Can it really be this easy?

TopSolid Core and Cavity creationWorking with software solutions that are not intended to do the job that you do is crazy. All you are doing is working harder than you need to work. Thankfully, TopSolid understands your needs. In fact, TopSolid was written specifically with manufacturing in mind.  In this video you will get a quick look at what I am talking about. In this sample, I start by importing a Parasolid file into TopSolid for a simple plastic part.  Then I show you all the steps needed to get the split finished.  And here’s the best part. This sample has internal shutoffs, a stepped external parting line, and the part requires a side action as well.  For most solutions, this is a lot of work. For TopSolid it only takes a few minutes.