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TopSolid 7 Tips & Tricks #4

The Sketch Deformation tool (Sketch > Spatial > Deformation) makes it possible to tranform a line into a circle arc. 

With deformation activated select the line and while pressing the left mouse button you can drag it to suitable position and then release the mouse button.

Obviously, if the line is constrained with for example an alignment constraint this will stop the command from completing the operation.

This command does not allow the reverse transformation to be made (transformation of an arc into a line).

Contribution by Saad

Source for info on Deformation Tool: TopSolid7 Online Help

Tutorial: How to create your own standard profile

So, it´s now 2010 and yet another year has passed. Infact we just closed the books on a whole decade! And here we are, already starting a brand new one.

To kick of the new decade here´s a tutorial on how to create your own standard profile in TopSolid 7:

  • Create a new document : 2d Model ( in Spécial).
  • Create your sketch and parameters

In this example, the center point will be no Internal.

  • In Tools menu, Provide function.

  • Select Standard Profile.
  • Publish your point : give it  an explicite name : “Center point” for example.

  • Make your document a Virtual document. (Menu TS7 / File / Virtual document)
  • Save your document.
  • Create a new document Family ( In Advanced)
  • Push your 2d Model in the graphics area.
  • Push your parameter in the folder : Drivers

  • Give an explicite description : When you use it, the question is “Description” ?

  • Save and chek In your family.

Now, You are ok to use it.

Contribution by Saad

Sheet Metal transition in TopSolid 7.3


Here´s a quick tutorial on how to create a Transition Sheet Metal  in TopSolid 7.3

Thank´s to Saad for this contribution!





Ok, here we go.

First create 3 offset points like in the below screenshot.




Now create a Transition Sheet Metal between point 3 and point 2.


Then create one more transition but this time between point 2 and point 1.



Now create a Transition between Absolute origin and point 1.



When that´s done you can modify the section of transition 3 to obtain this:



At this step you can use parameter D=500, H=750.



Create Sheet Metal by Thickening fo the three shapes you just created.






Don´t forget to push Shape 2 and 3 in Design representation


Before:                                                                   After:


TopSolid 7 mini-tip: Pinned/Unpinned


When using a command several times after another it can be quite time consuming to reopen it time after time. To save time and keep frustration from taking over there is a really neat function where you can “Pin” a command. To explain this here is a quote from the TopSolid 7 Users Guide

“The Pinned and Unpinned icons are used to choose the command’s operational mode.If pinned, the command will automatically restart after its use, which allows several fillet creations, for example, to be strung together without having to repeat the command.If unpinned, however, the command runs just one time.”

There is a good example of this in the earlier posted videos about creating Chassis in TopSolid 7. The first one is made without the Pinned/Unpinned and the second one is made with Pinned/Unpinned activated.
And it gets even better because this function stays activated forever or until you deactivate it. Meaning when you use this command next time it will still be “pinned”.