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Drilling operations in TopSolid 7

Here is a brief presentation of the “Drilling” command in TopSolid 7

·         Drilling on planar face

·         Drilling on cylindrical face

·         Drilling on sketch

·         Drilling on two faces

There is also the option to create a copy. When you copy a drilling with a constraint on a circular edge and then paste it on a plane near a circular edge, the drilling  is automatically assigned concentricity.


Video by Saad

This blog is awesome!

What the #”&¤*!!? Who does this guy think he is you might wonder?

Well, yesterday i posted a video on how to make chassis in TopSolid 7 and how easy it is.
Then suddenly a message pops up in my mail box: New comments!
Fellow TopSolid user Saad pointed out a few things about the video and gave some useful tips that reduced the work time by almost 50% and suddenly made the whole process even more easy!

Thank you so much!

Watch the new video on how to create chassis in TopSolid 7:

TopSolid 7.3 preview, options menu

The highly anticipated TopSolid V7.3 is said to be released in february next year. Here´s a sneak peak at V7.3 Options Menu.

As you can see on the below screenshot there are some new options.
Now you have General settings where you set basic stuff like Icon size, units and such. I think more will be added here later on.
Then there is System Colors where you set your basic system colors such as Active window, working area, selections and so on.
More colors in the design colors page. Here you can set colors for Constraints and Sheet Metal.
Display page is the same as before.
Predifined Values now collects well, all predefined values.
Search is the same as before.
Another new page is the Sketch page which contains some basic settings for sketching.
Translator page is about the same.

So, there are some new options which is nice. More customizing is always welcome i would say. Some pages have been merged with others for better overview. However i think this menu will have alot more to offer in future version. Especially when it comes to customizing the work environment.