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Drilling operations in TopSolid 7

Here is a brief presentation of the “Drilling” command in TopSolid 7

·         Drilling on planar face

·         Drilling on cylindrical face

·         Drilling on sketch

·         Drilling on two faces

There is also the option to create a copy. When you copy a drilling with a constraint on a circular edge and then paste it on a plane near a circular edge, the drilling  is automatically assigned concentricity.


Video by Saad

TopSolid 7 Tips & Tricks #4

The Sketch Deformation tool (Sketch > Spatial > Deformation) makes it possible to tranform a line into a circle arc. 

With deformation activated select the line and while pressing the left mouse button you can drag it to suitable position and then release the mouse button.

Obviously, if the line is constrained with for example an alignment constraint this will stop the command from completing the operation.

This command does not allow the reverse transformation to be made (transformation of an arc into a line).

Contribution by Saad

Source for info on Deformation Tool: TopSolid7 Online Help

This blog is awesome!

What the #”&¤*!!? Who does this guy think he is you might wonder?

Well, yesterday i posted a video on how to make chassis in TopSolid 7 and how easy it is.
Then suddenly a message pops up in my mail box: New comments!
Fellow TopSolid user Saad pointed out a few things about the video and gave some useful tips that reduced the work time by almost 50% and suddenly made the whole process even more easy!

Thank you so much!

Watch the new video on how to create chassis in TopSolid 7: