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TopSolid can do anything: How to use Offset Shape

Manufacturing can be challenging enough without having to redraw a part entirely just so you can machine it to the customers specifications.  Thankfully TopSolid understands manufacturing.  TopSolid delivers the tools that allow you to get your job done quicker and with less headaches.  And getting your job done quickly and efficiently should be your #1 focus.

In this video you will learn how to use the Offset Shape command to apply either a constant offset on all faces of a solid model, or even a custom offset to specific faces.  This can be used to prepare a part for manufacturing when you need to take into account a final coating that will be applied to the part.


Import a file with conversion into a TopSolid Project

In this getting started tutorial, you will be shown how to use a command called “Import file with conversion”. This command let’s you import a file into the TopSolid project and convert it at the same time. There are two methods you can use to import data this way. One is to use the contextual menu. The other is to use simple windows drag-n-drop.

Add a complex fillet…with ease!

Sometimes you struggle to put a complex blend into your part.  And it is these times that you grateful that you are a TopSolid user!  New in the 2016 version of TopSolid is a great new filleting function.  One based on no radial value at all!  Instead, the function automatically finds and creates the correct blend for the project based on the geometries you select.  Think of that…a software that actually helps you do your job!

The video below will introduce you to the new blending type and how it works!

Design an X-Wing Fighter with TopSolid!

Sometimes you just need to have some fun.  It’s Friday, I’ll be honest, I don’t really want to work anymore…(But let’s keep that between us).  I was checking out TopSolid’s YouTube channel and came across this nugget of pure awesomeness.

This video was created by our Sheetmetal Design development manager, Frederic Pontarollo.  Here he shows you how to design an X-Wing Fighter using TopSolid’s Sheetmetal design tools.  Enjoy…and happy Friday!

Design a basic part with TopSolid 7

Following are 5 videos that will walk you through designing of a basic part with TopSolid 7. You will note the part design is based off of a simple 2d drawing.  In these videos, one of our Application Engineers will walk you through some of the basic tools that you will use everyday with TopSolid.

Step 1 – Build a sketch, constrain it and revolve it into a solid model

Step 2 – Create a radial drilling and repeat it

Step 3 – Create a sketch, use construction geometry, create a boss, and trim your part

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