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TopSolid 7 – 3 Channel Synchronous Milling

Recently we had a customer ask us if we can handle multi-channel synchronous milling.  In most cases this means milling on the same channel with two turrets.  We discussed this internally and found that this is not only manageable, but it is also possible to take it to extreme levels. For example, one of our team members here decided to try it with 3 channels.  And guess what? It works!  And moreover, it was relatively easy to manage thanks to the power of TopSolid 7.

Check out the video below to see the simulation of 3 channel synchronous milling.  It is, if nothing else…NATIVELY AWESOME!

Check, Clean & Simplify imported geometry in TopSolid 7

In this getting started tutorial, you will be introduced to the Check, Clean and Simplify commands within TopSolid 7. Check will automatically check the integrity of your geometry. If it finds bad data, it will isolate it and make you aware of it so you can correct the problem. Clean is another automatic tool. This tool will attempt to automatically clean bad geometry such as bow-tied surfaces or surfaces with bad trimming boundaries. Finally you will be shown the Simplify command. This command will measure the geometry and if needed convert it back to simple forms of geometry such as planes, conics, cylinders, spheres and so on.

Design an X-Wing Fighter with TopSolid!

Sometimes you just need to have some fun.  It’s Friday, I’ll be honest, I don’t really want to work anymore…(But let’s keep that between us).  I was checking out TopSolid’s YouTube channel and came across this nugget of pure awesomeness.

This video was created by our Sheetmetal Design development manager, Frederic Pontarollo.  Here he shows you how to design an X-Wing Fighter using TopSolid’s Sheetmetal design tools.  Enjoy…and happy Friday!

TopSolid 7 – Can programming a Mazak Quick Turn 200m really be this easy?

Let’s be honest…we’re all busy.  We’re all busy working to find little ways to increase efficiency.  Little ways to maybe turn a tiny profit into a slightly larger profit.  Or in some cases, just outright looking for the holy grail solution to solve all of our problems.  In my case, I am always looking to help you, our customers become better at what you do.  After all…that’s my job.

In this video series, I thought it would interesting to show you some fundamentals about programming basic turning and simple milling on a Mazak Quick Turn 200M machine.  This is a great machine. However, there are limits to the machine. This machine for example does allow live tooling, but it has no Y axis.  So in this case to do any milling you need to know how to do C axis programming.  I thought that this part would be a great sample to show how easy it really is to program a machine like this off line.

So without further delay…here are 4 videos for you to check out.  Enjoy.

Basic Mill Turn Step 1
Basic Mill Turn Step 2

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Design a basic part with TopSolid 7

Following are 5 videos that will walk you through designing of a basic part with TopSolid 7. You will note the part design is based off of a simple 2d drawing.  In these videos, one of our Application Engineers will walk you through some of the basic tools that you will use everyday with TopSolid.

Step 1 – Build a sketch, constrain it and revolve it into a solid model

Step 2 – Create a radial drilling and repeat it

Step 3 – Create a sketch, use construction geometry, create a boss, and trim your part

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Timing screws…a deeper look

So a few posts ago, I create a video series that introduced to an awesome add-on function for TopSolid 7 that allows you to create timing screws.  Well, in this post, I am continuing that story.  In fact, I thought it would be really cool to show you a more in depth look at the design side of creating a timing screw.  So in this video, that’s exactly what I did!  Now, normally I break these videos up into short segments, but for this one…this one I thought it would be better to keep it as one video.  So in this short, 14 minute video, I show you every step I take in creating a variable timing screw.  And at the end of the design, I even show you how easy it is to make changes to the timing of the screw.  My goal for you in this video.  It’s simple… My goal is to make you a TopSolid believer!