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Code of conduct for TopSolid social media

Missler Software just published a Code of conduct for TopSolid social media. While i have published it here it´s also available at the official TopSolid website.


Code of conduct for TopSolid social media

This is the code of conduct for posting comments on any TopSolid blogs, social media (twitter, facebook, etc.) forums, etc. The simple rules of thumb are to keep on-topic and be respectful of others. Our websites and social media are designed to help people learn more about our products and who we are.  Anything that supports this aim is encouraged, provided it does not violate the below terms of use that we’ve put together. We are open to criticism of our products but will not accept the following:

  • Personal attacks (on anyone inside or outside the TopSolid community)
  • Material that contains vulgar, obscene or indecent language or images.
  • Unauthorized posting of personal information (names, address, phone number, email etc.) of other users.
  • Material which defames, abuses or threatens others.
  • Statements which are bigoted, hateful or racially offensive.
  • Material that advocates illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them.
  • Account suspensions are at the sole discretion of Missler Software.
  • Any person actively using these sites is implicitly agreeing to these rules regardless of whether they have been read or not.

New TopSolid websites launched

The brand new TopSolid website

“Missler Software has just completely revamped its TopSolid web sites.
Visitors can now easily discover all there is to know about the TopSolid range of CAD/CAM solutions on offer, customer references, TopSolid resellers, product videos, etc. in a more user-friendly interface. The new English and French speaking web sites are now launched and the German site will be available before the summer vacation.”

Read the full press release here.

Source: Missler Software

New TopSolid website close to launch!

Sometime late tonight (CET) Missler Software will launch it´s new TopSolid global website.

The website has been rebuilt from scratch and now has the same design as the TopSolid 7 website which was launched last year.

The new website has a user friendly layout and you will have no problem finding whatever it is you are looking for.

Be sure to check it out!