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Being able to quickly and easily run a plastic flow analysis on a part is critical to the accuracy of modern day mold design. Thankfully, TopSolid understands this.  This is because TopSolid understands manufacturing.  And the goal of TopSolid is to be a turn key manufacturing solution!

Define your material

IRemember to define your material for use with TopSolid Plastic Flown order to do a plastic flow analysis in TopSolid, you need to prepare the part correctly first.  This preparation can include describing the material being molded (minimum requirement), but also can include adding the runner and gates to the part as well.  The material definition must include material information from Cad Mould’s extensive library of plastics.

Wizards make it easy to use

It's easy to use TopSolid Plastic Flow with a wizardOnce you’ve defined the type of plastic, and applied the material to the part, you can send the part into a plastic flow analysis document.  When you get into the analysis document, an automatic wizard will run that will guide you through the steps you need to take to do a plastic flow analysis.  The wizard will walk you though selecting the injection point, ensuring that you have defined your material correctly and finally that you have the injection parameters set properly.

Sit back and watch the results happen

Learn how to use TopSolid Plastic Flow on a 2 cavity mold

Now that you have the analysis setup, it’s time to run the analysis.  Running TopSolid’s Plastic Flow by Cad Mould requires an internet connection in the US as it is a cloud solution.  This means that the calculation is done on the cloud which is great news for you! It means you don’t need a super computer in order to get the result!

Watch how simple it really is to use

In this video, you will learn the basics of how to use the Plastic Flow add-on module.  This module is made available by Cad Mould and runs inside of TopSolid.  The best part of learning the basics is that that is all you need to learn in order to use Plastic Flow!