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I was challenged to demonstrate the entire manufacturing process for a part, from initial project creation all the way through final documentation using the TopSolid 7 platform. So, this series of videos walks you through the completion of that challenge and demonstrates how TopSolid 7, a very robust design and machining platform, allows users to operate at a much higher plane.


After completing this challenge and making the resulting series of videos available to you, I decided to extend the challenge. To that end, we created the Program Your Part Challenge in which I invite you to challenge me with your problem part and/or manufacturing challenges.

In this video, we’re going to create a CAM file and select a machining template. Then we’ll load our fixture base plate sub assembly and load all of the machine part setup documents onto the fixture plate so that we’re ready to start machining.

When creating my machining document, I select the Haas VF4 template. It just makes sense to use templates in TopSolid to further increase efficiency. I have characteristics pre-loaded within this template but can also customize it if I need to.

I drop my base plate into the CAM file as a fixture and position it precisely as I want it on the Haas VF4. During this part of the process, TopSolid will ask for some kinematic information. In this case, it is simple – we want the base plate to follow the table.

I then load our machine part set up documents for each of the sub-assemblies onto the fixture plate and we’re ready to move forward.

Want to challenge me with a part or manufacturing process problems? Check out the Program Your Part Challenge.